You think a faction is overpowered? Come here!

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Re: You think a faction is overpowered? Come here!

Post by Silux »

i saw some maps with different starting positions, so that first player must move to recruit in the first turn, while the second can recruit and conquer a village.

i analized the stats and i found that there aren't redundant units, and some units seem overpowered only if used with particular tactics.
Even tough there could be space for some additional micro-balancing.
Orcish warriors(1.10) cost 1 more than the Swordsman, have a weaker attack, almost the same defense and no resistance.They only get 3hp more than the swordsman.
Anyway they are ok in the game, as they come from a 12 gold unit while the swordsman come from a 14 gold one.
It's somewhat better in 1.20, where all orcs have 20 resistance against arcane.
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Re: You think a faction is overpowered? Come here!

Post by Krugers »

Regarding AI testing, I think it is completely inappropriate to do this. Why? We all know AI's are at least very weak, I would rather say extremely weak against humans.

Theoretically, if we are to balance factions, we should balance them regarding the best strategies theoretically possible, and this is clearly not the case of AI; it may be also not the case of humans, but humans are way closer to this ideal than AIs.

And practically, we don't want AIs to have great game experience, but instead we want humans to have a great game experience!

Regarding luck, IMHO we should be aware that our understanding of 'luck' is greatly flawed by our emotions. We should aim at balancing the estimated outcome of the battle, that is, making both factions win equally many times, and also remember that 1) without ANY possibilities of "luck" the game will probably be boring because it will be easier to predict events, and 2) with too many possibilities of "luck", the game will just be random.