Swamps or Midlands?

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Chris NS
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Swamps or Midlands?

Post by Chris NS »

I'm been having another go at The Rise of Wesnoth and I can't currently see any purpose in going via the Midlands because the Swamps gives you a loyal unit who gets recruited for free in the rest of the game. Before I start asking about balancing issues, is there a benefit of choosing the Midlands route that I haven't noticed?
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Post by Lazarus »

More enemies to kill to get extra XP - level units higher, probably.
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Post by KRCM »

I prefer the swamps.

But it is a question of how you like your army to develop.

Midlands ==> More melee units will level

Swamps ==> More mages will level, only real good melee units are the loyal HI, they are very easy to level there. (crashing all those skeletons)
+ a free loyal white mage

Of course it is just my opinion
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