Heir to the Throne, "The Princess of Westnoth"

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Post by waldol1 »

Lol, It seems like all the strategies so far are expensive or they lose you some troops.

My strategy that I found works best for little gold was to recall just 3 avengers. I had a champion out because he started there, but he didn't really do anything. Start out with everyone running straight north. Get your avengers in the north forest, but not at the tip cause there is a house next to it and the enemy will take it. Once the enemy is within moving distance of konrad/delfor/kalenz, retreat them and just run straight down towards the mountains. If a calvary man can catch up, just own him and then resume running. With the avengers, you should be able to move from the forest to across the river in one move without the quick trait. At this point I got attacked by 4 calvary and a swordsman moved in. Then I counter attacked with the avengers and killed 3 calvary. None of the other forces were near. Next turn, I could move one of my avengers into that nice forest and I moved the other 2 north and they went over the mountains quite easily. Once they are in the forest, they can assasinate the princess when they get the chance.

I always like to find a cheap way of doing scenarios
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Post by Velensk »

Loseing lvl 1 troops isn't realy that bad a thing (unless you are going for a no-loss campain)

I would not use your approuch for the following reasons.
-compared to lancer/knight assassinations your approuch would take more time
-compared to dicing them up in the forest you approuch would not gain as much experiance/ would give experiance to lvl 3 units.
-Maybe I'm strange but after I recruit as much as I deem nessisary I always like to have my leaders, leading the front. This meathod of assassination dose not allow for that.

I will compliment you for finding a realy cheap and fairly reliable method of beating the senario. It's just not the way I would like to do it, I'm sure anyone stumped on the lvl who has enough avengers/rangers would be glad you posted it.
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Post by Fred »

to beat this mission on medium, I sent fast, piercing units up to the north, units with a high chance to hit attack across the river to the south, and a large body of troops, including konrad and delfador, to the forests west of the bridge. li'sar's first wave consisted of cavalry and then a mix of swordsmen and ogres; the cavalry threw themselves upon the arrows and lances of my northern forces, and I made a point to kill the ogres first, as they were the most dangerous to me. I was forced to retreat out of the western forests for a little while because the swordsmen's onslaught became too great, but I quickly retook that area once the time of day favored me, and after I had taken and held the bridge the enemy was not powerful enough to beat me back again. slowly, my northern forces took the eastern shore, and to the strike force moved closer to li'sars fort. I ended up taking li'sar out with a thief after severely reducing her hitpoints with magic and archery, but not before I killed nearly every unit she had.
some things that I noticed:
-holding the entire shoreline is very important because any enemy that wishes to assault you will have to fight in bad terrain, and it will be hard for them to perform a successful flanking manuever.
-dont try to send all of your forces across the bridge; there are too many enemies to fight for you to establish an effective hold quickly.
-it is better to split your army into multiple groups. if you threaten the northern front, then li'sar will send troops to defend it - making the main force much easier to deal with.
-merfolk are extremely useful in this scenario!
-flanking li'sar's forces really makes it easier to kill them.
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