Heir to the Throne, "The Princess of Westnoth"

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Post by Spanner »

I could win this one.

But wiped out quite a bit of my gold reserve.

The next one too cos I tried to kill all the 3 leaders where suriviving alone would be enough.
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Post by Strangelove »

Ugh, I have just restarted this for the fourth time. However, I think I have a strategy now, and so far it's working (turn 8). I have all my level 2s (all 5) holding the northern forest near the river, and my level 1s, a Captain and Lord Konrad are in the southern forest on the east side of the river, to make a break for Li'sar at dusk.

Think it'll work?
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Post by podunk »

This is a good level for an assassination with scouts/riders/silver mages. If you can get just one scout/rider in close you can finish quick with your mages.

However! :-D The next scene takes so much gold, and there are so many level 2 bad guys on this one it's a wonderful scene to advance units.

Assassins. I make a long line in the woods, rotate assassins up and down the line and poison stuff. A few level 3's to take damage during the day, then pop my low level units in for the kill at night while the big boys heal.
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Post by TheChosenOne »

I did differently. What I did was to defend on the grassland side of the river, and let them come and attack me from the river. Sure, I suffered some casualties, but their losses are much more than mine.

The lieutenant was the first to go into the water, and I quickly killed it (since it has leadership).

For preventing her horsemen and cavalrymen from crossing, I stationed 2-3 mermans on the south side of the river (since my forces are concentrated on the north and centre side) and they made quick work of any horse trying to cross.

Once her main wave of force is broken, I charged at her - I had expected the 'reinforcements' and I took care of that too, with a few high lvl recalls.

Last but not least, when I reached her castle I killed all her guards first, leveling many units (since lvl is more important than gold in this scenario) and then going for her (the killing blow is specially given to my hero Konrad)

This scenario is the first time you are fighting Loyalists, but do not fear. Know your enemy, their strengths and weaknesses, and fight them where they're worst. Then the rest is pretty much straightforward.
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Post by santi »

I finished this one at turn 9 on hard and with 5 units(Konrad, a Paladin
, a bandit and 2 lv1 elves busy killing the enemy duelists)
I sent the elfs, Delf plus a couple of mages north to the forest at the bridge. Then, I crossed with 2 GKs, 1 lancer and a couple of knights, plus the bandit leader from Isle of the Damned with very little opposittion(I killed about 4 enemy units with that force only). I grabbed some villages, not coming too close to the enemy forces. The enemy force was massing near the bridge, so I set up a thin front line of lv2 elves in the forest and even sacrificed the bandit leader who took the village and took
6 enemy units to kill him, to take the brunt of the attack off my front line.
Since now the whole loyalist army was occupied fighting near the bridge, my cavarly charged at Lisar who was all by herself and made her surrender on turn 9...
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Post by santi »

Forgot to mention the mounted force that crossed the river crossed it near the villages way south of the bridge
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Post by Warhammer »

Playing on Medium, I recalled a force of 3 knights and 1 GK and filled the rest out with Horsies. The next turn I recruited 5 Elven Fighters, recalled 2 shamans, and a few mages. Next turn I recalled my red mage, to deal with the ambush.

The cav. force, less one horseman, moves towards the river. The rest of the army, less one shaman and the red mage move north towards the bridge. I establish a defensive line along the forest's edge in the north. At the river, I quickly cross to the south and set up a defensive line of horsemen to deal with any forces that move south. The object is to free up my knights to make a charge against the princess. Her forces greatly outnumbered mine, so I decided to go for a quick win rather than milk the victory.

My only loss in the battle, was my first knight that got to Li'sar only hit with his first attack and was cut down. The next knight took her down. Won on turn 7.
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Post by S.A.W. »

I replayed this scenario for some times, about 4 times on hard, and once on easy.

For the EASY one, i just recalled my leveled units + hired some new.
Put up an battleline at the river in the north, and after defeating the riders there + the first infantry, i moved onwards to the princess.

For the HARD one i suggest not to recall much units -(i was at a lousy 240 gold stage due to leveling some mages to lvl 4 in the previous 3 scenarios)-, but only a white mage and an elvish lvl 2 healer + 2 leveled loyal mermen. Instead hire 10 new Warriors.
Move Konrad, Delfador + the Healers and Warriors nort, and take position at the bridge. Use the terrain to ur advantage and try to defeat the riders + a few infantry guys.
While doing this, place ur merman near the mountain, where the duellists show up & and cross the river at the south with kalenz + ur loyal knight.
Try to distract the Infantry with them, that the Ai will try to hunt ur knight + kalenz down. If they do, run away with them back across the river, while doing this, pull ur main force to the south, and wait for the ai, sending the infantry masterfully into the river, after a bloody fight at the river, run for lisar.

One more Strategy for this level is, to cross with ur units clumped together the river at the south, run to the east border off the map, and evolve a battle line at the wood, up to lisar. If u have enough gold for for some good recalls + lvl 1 meat, this would be the easiest way. Without some sacrifical this 3. strat wont work.
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Post by santi »

...and with this strategy you win before turn 9???
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Post by irrevenant »

santi wrote:...and with this strategy you win before turn 9???
Why would you need to win before turn 9?
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Post by santi »

You don't but with other strategies posted(namely assasination) you get a quick victory, which means in turn you can have a much easier time in the next scenario(and in fact kill all undead with practically no losses)
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Post by S.A.W. »

In the Undead level , u only need to survive for some turns.
On the other hand killing all undead is a good bonus for the exp of ur units.

I think its up to personal preferences, if u want to kill all 3 liches in the
undead level and get lots of exp from theyr troops. For that u will need lots of
cash and i admit, that doing the scenarios b4 as fast as possible will be ur goal, like u said santi.

On the Other hand, u could solve this level with a good defence and only killing one off the liches, and horde exp in the levels b4.

Btw. how much gold u spend for the undead level to kill all 3 liches?
Would be nice to see a replay.
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Post by Tanis Half-Elven »

My only challenge was keeping any units I wanna level (really badly) alive. Aside from that, I breezed through it.
I recalled my most powerful units and sent them, along with Kalenz, to the river bank, forcing that sweetheart to send her forces into the river. For the Calvery that came charging from the north, they ran straight into my rangers, red magi, Delfador, and my assassin. When that Duelist came out, he was surrounded by lvl 2 mermen.

Alternatively, I went for a full-frontal assault the moment night fell, with 3 horsemen and 2 elf fighters as cannon-fodder. By the time I gotten the princess to surrender, my cannon-fodder was eradicated, but I got myself an Arch Mage, a Silver Mage, a Elvish Hero and an Elvish Marksman.

Like I said, too easy :D
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Post by KingofNoobia »

First thing you have to know: Wesnoth AI is good, but sucks at terrain warfare. They just attack wherever you are, even if you are on a castle surrounded by water, they'll still attack you, because AI likes attacking at all cost.

So, just put some elves on the edge of the forest near the bridge, so she'll be forced to attack you from the plains. Make sure you don't have any gaps in your line because she might get into the forest then too. Defend some of the villages too with elves and let some horsemen capture villages. Don't put the horsemen into the forest, but keep them close, so they wont get attacked by enemies, but they can reinforce the forest elves at any time.
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Post by playtom »

this is so easy....just get your main force over to the bridge, stationed at the villages, along with delfador. spread your units. use leadership units and healers to back them up, the cannon fodders will die in just a few turns, even if you rotate them, thats why i send kalenz along with a few elvish calvary through the lake shore, use them to distract the enemy force into pieces, therefore breaking their ZOC, and send a few knights/lancer in for a quick kill of the princess.
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