How to play Drakes

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Re: How to play Drakes

Post by tuahaa »

Thrawn wrote:Just a comment that may be too late in coming, but someone asked how to counter people on good terrain w/ drakes, and I just wanna paraphrase advice given to me in the past: "If they won't get off their good terrain, just go around them." You are the drakes after all, and good at doing that.

But some times drakes hit so high (13-4 clasher) that I can usually get one hard hit in. This leads to me having a problem that makes me go against retreating drakes when both stakes are high. In my last game, I sent my boss in to try and hurt his boss- it partly worked, but I was surrounded with a dark adept, a dark sorcerer and a skeleton while standing in 30% defense. If it wasn't for favorable ToD and just enough luck for me to dodge the skeleton once, I would've been dead. But meh, the next turn I killed his leader with burner and leveled it, retreated my drake and finished off his DA while leveling my Augur

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Re: How to play Drakes

Post by pFrog »

I have to go with everyone who says the skirmishers are underrated. I prefer to start off with alot of skirmishers and one glider, and afterwards produce burners/clashers or burners/fighters with only a few augers. The skirmishers make great distracters as that if you ignore them, they will punch back hard, and if you fight them, you have wasted a turn and with the drake's high mobility they can do a quick attack to finish someone off, or dish out heavy damage to a pivotal unit. This is a decent strategy to use if you don't know what to do.

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Re: How to play Drakes

Post by Caphriel »

If you come up against an undead player, a skirmisher-heavy recruit is a huge handicap to recover from.

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Re: How to play Drakes

Post by Yoyobuae »

... or vs Northies (strong grunt at night = ouch) ... or vs Knalgans (strong Gryph, thief backstabing at night = ouch too).

There's also the problem with villages on grass (which conveniently tend to be the more exposed ones) only giving 50% def to saurians, which combined with low hp means near zero village holding power. Gliders don't fare better in that respect either.

The only hope for such an initial recruit is facing an opponent which is very reluctant to attack. That will at least give the drake player the time to fix his recruit a bit.

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Re: How to play Drakes

Post by Hulavuta »

This guy hasn't finished the last three Drake Vs factions...Is it okay if I try to?
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Re: How to play Drakes

Post by ParadiseCity »

People can always post guides if they wish, you don't have to ask about that. However, if you wanted to post them or have them linked to this thread, you should probably pm "this guy" first to check.
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