Knalgan vs Loyalists

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Knalgan vs Loyalists

Postby batoonike » January 11th, 2018, 4:29 pm

This is triggered by someone saying that one of the more troublesome match-ups is Knalgan vs Loyalists. Which one is considered to be in better position on standard maps and why? Any tips for either race? I've read the general how to play guides of both but these are super generic. It basically says that knalgans need to make a bunch of thunderers.
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Re: Knalgan vs Loyalists

Postby Krogen » January 11th, 2018, 7:01 pm

That someone was probably me, i said it somewhere not long ago.
In short, Loyalists vs Knalgans is the worst matchup ever, because Loyalists have a decisive advantage against the Knalgans. The main reason is that the Knalgans can't attack properly. The Loyalists will decide when and where the battle takes place, and the opponent can only answer to that.
Loyalists will rule the map. Both sides has 2 scout-like units: Horseman+Cavalryman vs Footpad+Gryphon Rider. Both in cost-effectiveness and actual power, the horses will dominate the birds and pads. Which means instantly after the start, the Knalgans are pushed back, they have to go defensive. Even if the defense is proper and the Loyals can't just run them over at second day, the dwarves with 4 or 5 mp will not be quick enough to launch a counter-attack during the night. The Loys will just retreat a bit and return next day all the same, probably supported by Mages by then. And Mages will break the line. Even in positioning before the battle the Loyalists are far better. They have these powerful horses with 8 and 9 mp. Even their core, the Spearman is quicker than most of the dwarvish forces. The outlaws can actually keep up with them, but they are not powerful enough to withstand an attack. Retreating isn't a good option either. Loys will just take the vills the Knalgans gave them and sit there. Knalgans are horrible in retaking villages.
Most of the time, the Knalgans will die a slow death. Only serious luck or fatal mistakes from the opponent can turn the tide.

Probably the most popular counter-argument is that Knalgans can go HODOR, problem solved, they can go offensive. And it's actually true, outlaws are quick and cheap enough for a good rush, they can gain enough advantage first night. But in competitive matches it's usually Random vs Random. And a good HODOR rush starts at turn 1, which means you have to know from the start what your opponent can bring to the table, to counter Loyalists. And let's say the opponent didn't get Loyalists, he got Northerners. End of story, you are doomed. To me, it's not a solution to go HODOR from turn 1 because MAYBE the opponent got Loyalists. You can counter one problem, but cause another, probably even bigger one. Imo it's not a good trade that you have a chance against Loyalists (just a chance, not advantage, Loy can still beat a HODOR rush), but in return, you almost instantly lose against Northerners and probably Rebels too.
If you go mix, then you'll not have enough outlaws to gain advantage during first night, and it's all the same.
Narrow maps might give some more chance to the Knalgans. But usually that's the only advantage of narrow maps, they are harmful for most other matchups.

That's my opinion about Loyalists vs Knalgans. And unfortunately i don't even have a good idea about any solutions.
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