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Post by Iris »

General Mac wrote:...(Correct me if I'm wrong) Also don't forget for this campaign they are trying to keep the colouring similar and this portrait's colouring is very different from the other characters.
Perhaps you are wrong. Look at HttT, its portraits are not of the same colouring style, if you compare Asheviere's and Li'sar's portraits.
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Post by torangan »

Consistent style within a campaign is very much prefered but it still needs an artist to provide the art...
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Post by irrevenant »

Ronin Teturo wrote:Marcus... re-sized for attachment contraints. Feel free to make suggestions on this one for change, I only find this so-so.
Hmm, this reminds me of some of the artwork from the World of Darkness RPGs...
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Post by Taurus »

I went ahead and added your Stalrag coloring to the mainline Ronin. Thanks for all the work you are doing :-)
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