Looking to do a portrait

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Looking to do a portrait

Post by brendan_scott »

I expect to have some time from July 2015 and am looking to do a portrait for a Wesnoth character.
What I'm looking for:
* character portrait to do
* feedback on work
* someone to bug me to finish

What I promise (to make a serious effort) to do:
* finish a portrait in Wesnoth style.
* create a character sheet for the character, with 3 views (front, back, 3/4)

If you need a portrait for your UMC pls message me, if not, pls tell a friend who might.



Sample work:
One other portrait and half a portrait for Buffin from ANO:
buffin_sketch130623.png (74.04 KiB) Viewed 1329 times

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Re: Looking to do a portrait

Post by SFault »

Well, I'm eager to make a new campaign but I think I should finish my Elves Banding for War campaign first. It has 8 unique hero units and I wouldn't mind of having portraits to some of them. You can find the unit sprites here.
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