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Re: Shield's Art

Post by Elvish_King »

DeCoolest_Cat wrote: post your sprites on your own art thread
I think it is ok to post this sprite here because it is a female variant of shield's male messenger.
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Re: Shield's Art

Post by DeCoolest_Cat »

Elvish_King wrote: I think it is ok to post this sprite here because it is a female variant of shield's male messenger.
I should've been more clear. He shouldn't post his own art on this thread that isn't tied to Shield's art. You are right in that his sprite there is perfectly fine.
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Re: Shield's Art

Post by ForestDragon »

Thanks, i'll make my own topic soon enough

EDIT: already made it
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Re: Shield's Art

Post by Samonella »

Lots of great art here! I'm going to use the peasant children and those awesome bunnies, if you don't mind. :D
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Re: Shield's Art

Post by Midnight_Carnival »

Your units are well drawn and cute.
As for your portraits, just draw more like that. What's the difference between a "mistake" and a "stylistic feature"?
The number of times it is repeated.

As with everyone who has their own style (with units or portraits) there is nothing wrong with doing things your own way, the only problem comes when you mix your stuff and canonical (vanilla) Wesnoth style.

Quick, draw a Dryad dressed in attire which many societies would deem "morally compromised" with neko ears!
...apparenly we can't go with it or something.
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Re: Shield's Art

Post by SigurdFireDragon »

Thanks for the rabbits, the sprites appear in Wings of Victory starting with v0.9.6
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