My GIMP Interface script - (Perspective lines!)

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My GIMP Interface script - (Perspective lines!)

Post by brendan_scott »

If anyone is interested I have written a script for the GIMP which automates some of the things I found I was doing when working on Wesnoth portrait(s). The script:

1. - can automatically draw perspective guide lines for up to 3 vanishing points over an existing canvas (including with vanishing points outside the edges of the canvas)
2. - has a collection of "cycle" tools which can be bound to tablet side buttons:
- cycle erase mode (changes paint mode from erase to normal - tool/pointer doesn't change be careful)
- cycle dynamics (cycles dynamics from Dynamics Off to Pressure Opacity)
- cycle brush size (brush sizes can be set by presets in the control panel)
- select drawn area (cycles selection between select all and select non-transparent areas on layer) This is particularly useful for shading (or not shading parts on a layer which are transparent)

More details are here:

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