New art for dark elves

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Re: New art for dark elves

Post by doofus-01 »

Floating eyeballs is hardly a new concept and "beholder" is a perfectly reasonable name to tack onto such a thing, even not knowing anything about D&D or whatever. I don't really care about "flyballs" or "beholders", but it is chilling if you can get nailed for innocently coming up with something like that. If, if, if - it's not like anyone here really knows. I guess I'll keep my powder dry until it's really an issue. I just wanted to clarify my involvement in this.
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Re: New art for dark elves

Post by theDream »

There is an Era with a beholder unit. It is a blob with one large eye and a pair of wings. It must have been different enough from D&D beholder that there is no copyright issues. Mine was based on the D&D beholder, with eye stalks and a mouth, which is probably why it had to be removed. I'll stubbornly create my own abomination with a single, pronounced facial feature. Stay tuned.

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Re: New art for dark elves

Post by Crow_T »

Gosh I sure hope nobody has thought of a menacing cube yet I have spent many hours on the art so far, it's made out of pudding:
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