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[Policy] Important links for new users

Postby Development Team » September 3rd, 2011, 1:45 am

There have been numerous important forum posts and wiki articles written by users and developers. We reference these pages a lot, and decided to put them together in a convenient list.

Posting Guidelines — A list of guidelines for forum behavior. You must read these before posting!

Code of Conduct — These are the rules for the multiplayer servers.

Wesnoth Philosophy — A great article by Dave (the original creator of Wesnoth) that outlines some basic design principles.

Luck in Wesnoth — Another article by Dave. This one explains the presence of random numbers in the game.

How to Report a Bug Properly — Without the right information, it’s really hard to help people.

Wesnoth on IRC — Interacting with other Wesnoth players and contributors isn’t limited to the lobby and forums. You can chat live over IRC too.

Add-on Server Rules — You should read these before you upload anything to our add-on server.

Fan Ladder — The development team is against having any official ranking/stat system for online play, but some fans who wanted that feature got together and made it happen (unofficially).

@Wesnoth on Twitter — Wesnoth’s official twitter account. It reports important events such as server outages, new fan tournaments, and major additions to the game.

How to Critique Art — Some guidelines and things to keep in mind when giving artistic critique on these forums.

Guide to UMC Content — Contains a brief description and other facts about the custom content that users have made.

If there are any really important forum threads or wiki pages you think should be up here, please contact the Forum Moderators group.
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