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Wesnoth logo favicon

Post by ancestral »

I was looking to see if there was a small version of the Wesnoth logo for a project I'm working on that could work as a favicon (as next to the web address for a web page) and it appears, there isn't.

In order for it to be a proper icon, it needs to be 16x16 and use only web-safe colors. Also, as icons are a representation of a larger image, the iconic parts of the logo should be noticeable and not blurry (such as the swords behind the shield).
Here's my attempt, though I will profess I'm not much of a pixel artist. I'm not content with the hilts on the swords; some structure is missing there. Perhaps you can do better, or improve upon my hastily-drawn pixels?
Wesnoth 16x16 favicon. Perhaps you can do better?
Wesnoth 16x16 favicon. Perhaps you can do better?
wesnoth-icon.png (262 Bytes) Viewed 4777 times
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Re: Wesnoth logo favicon

Post by Eleazar »

Get rid of the swords i think-- they are too small to be "legible" at that size, and it gives you one more vertical pixel for the shield
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Re: Wesnoth logo favicon

Post by Golden_Soldier »

I think it wouldnt look right without the swords and although they probably need some fixing up they should still be included
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Re: Wesnoth logo favicon

Post by Mountain_King »

:hmm: not bad... One thing I'm noticing is that the highlight along the top of the shield ends up looking like a white bar when it's tiny. When it's 16 x 16, we probably don't need perfect shading, right? What would making those tan do? As per the hilts, try removing the lighter gray pixels. They add a "tubing" effect that makes the swords look very wide.

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Re: Wesnoth logo favicon

Post by Fog »

I agree. The highlights on the top of the shield's trimming look out of place, although that may be the forum background I'm using. Here's my attempt:
Screen shot 2010-11-09 at 7.10.30 AM.png
wesnoth-icon4.png (328 Bytes) Viewed 4659 times
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Re: Wesnoth logo favicon

Post by dipseydoodle »

Not bad but I can't exactly tell where the light is coming from. Darker darks and Brighter Highlights would be my advice.
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Re: Wesnoth logo favicon

Post by Simons Mith »

For comparison, armorgames.com has a good shield favicon. I notice that they have a pair of swords in their main logo too, and they've ditched them altogether for their favicon. They've also gone for a smoothed style rather than the sharp borders between colours of these Wesnoth attempts.
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