Custom race doesn't work

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Custom race doesn't work

Post by Anagkai »

Some units should have a custom race. They don't have, though.

That's the race code:

Code: Select all

    id=AGK Insects
    male_name= _ "race^Insect"
    female_name= _ "race+female^Insect"
    plural_name= _ "race^Insect"
    description= _ ""
This is inside the data folder of my campaign. I used "race=AGK Insects" inside the unit file to apply the race.
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Re: Custom race doesn't work

Post by josteph »

Judging by data/core/units.cfg, [race] should be enclosed by [+units]...[/units].
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Re: Custom race doesn't work

Post by Bitron »

IIRC, WML has trouble dealing with empty strings. You might want to comment the description= _ "" line out or do something like description= _ "will follow soon".
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Re: Custom race doesn't work

Post by Celtic_Minstrel »

I've never heard of issues with empty strings in WML. An empty translatable string is pointless mind you (but I think wmlxgettext will just ignore it), but description="" should not cause any problems.
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