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Postby Pentarctagon » May 29th, 2017, 2:53 pm

The purpose of this thread is to provide links to particularly useful information and code examples of WML and Lua on the wiki, without cluttering up this forum with more and more stickies. As such, the wiki pages linked here should be kept working and up to date - if an unmodified piece of example code stops working, or a new version changes how something should be done, then please either post in this thread saying as much or correct the pages yourself if you know what the fix is! A wiki can't be kept up to date if everyone just shrugs their shoulders and moves on when wrong information is found. Anyone who would like to help out and contribute to the wiki should see this thread.

Likewise, if there is a topic that you think many other people would benefit from seeing explained or just made more prominent, then let us know in the thread below!

Current FAQs:

What Is An Out Of Sync Error

Creating and Showing New Unit Statuses

Adding Content to the Map Editor

Creating A New WML Action Tag

Creating A New WML Conditional Tag
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