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Re: Creating a campaign

Post by Daniel17022002 »

I've decided to take a little break from the coding part and better continue with the story till I finish most ( if not all of it). Hope everyone's gonna enjoy it when everything is finished.
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Re: Creating a campaign

Post by Destructinator »

beetlenaut wrote: March 27th, 2017, 7:01 pm You should use an #ifdef, but it's actually only necessary for making the campaign play well with others. What you didn't do is tell the game where your scenario is. You need a line like this: {~add-ons/Sample/scenarios} pointing to the folder where you put the scenario .cfg. "~add-ons" is a code that specifies the normal add-ons folder, wherever that is on the system. The curly braces mean "put all this stuff here", which in the context of a _main.cfg basically means "load this". You will eventually need lines like that for other folders too like custom units and macros.
I hope op doesn't mind me hijacking this to get my own advice but I'm doing it anyway!

So I have been trying to make a one scenario campaign but whenever I try selecting it I get an error that I took a screenshot of and attached.

It looks to me like it's saying the fact that I have a file called "My Games" as part of the location isn't working because of the space in the name but all my games stuff goes there automatically and if I renamed it my computer would just make a new file called "My Games" and I wouldn't have any data from my games. So yeah, idk how I screwed up or how to fix it.
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Re: Creating a campaign

Post by beetlenaut »

You shouldn't be trying to load anything with the full path. One of the reasons ~add-ons exists is to avoid having to worry about this exact problem. Apparently you used it correctly in _main.cfg, so do the same thing in the scenario file as well. (It is possible to include spaces in a macro call, but it's not necessary this time.)
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