(Very) Basic WML Questions

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(Very) Basic WML Questions

Post by Rbuck »

I'm working on a WML-intensive mod atm, wondering about some stuff I came across.

To start with, what do the dots mean in variable names? Are they just for organizing variables under different "headings", and acceptable to use for any variable, or do they mean specific variables for larger categories and so are inapplicable to mod-defined variables?

Be Warned: there may be more questions as I work deeper. :wink:
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Re: (Very) Basic WML Questions

Post by Crendgrim »

Small advice: Read the whole of SyntaxWML, that also should answer your question (Kinds of Variables / Arrays), and you'll learn important parts about the syntax and how to work with variables. :)
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Re: (Very) Basic WML Questions

Post by pyrophorus »

Maybe this will help you.
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