[player], [player] not supported at scenario toplevel

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[player], [player] not supported at scenario toplevel

Post by SkyOne »


I have just encountered an error message, that I have never seen, on the replay of own Fate of a Princess campaign by running BfW 1.9.14 and 1.9.13.
It says: "<Invalid WML found> [player], [player] not supported at scenario toplevel".

It only shows on the replay of its scenario 25 during the first 20-25th turns, and disappears after that. Playing the scenario was just fine. Could anyone tell me what causes to the message even just a guess ? I am out of ideas so far because the [player] tag is not familiar to me. I mean that there is not a [player] tag in the entire campaign.

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Re: [player], [player] not supported at scenario toplevel

Post by Anonymissimus »

Did you make an addon-wide search for, perhaps, the string "player" ?
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