[scroll_to] doesnt like the bottom of the map...

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[scroll_to] doesnt like the bottom of the map...

Post by markm »

scroll_to mysteriously stopped working for me...

...but some experimenting got it working again by telling it to move to the row just above the bottom of the map, instead of to the bottom fow of the map. Weird...

Fedora 13's wesnoth-1.8.1-1

Edit: oops, just discovered that although I had successfully placed an animated item there (that is what I wanted to scroll too, so the player would notice the item had appeared) I am unable to move there.

So it seems to be an inconsistency in treatment of the edge: an animated [item' had no problem going there, but scroll_to and the player's hero avoided it...

It would probably be more "intuitive" to allow scrolling to anywhere an item can be placed...

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