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Re: Unit12s Noob WML questions

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unit12 wrote:ugh my head hurts
Yeah, I know the feeling...
-if I wanted to make a unit that healed 8 (no cure) is this what i would put ?
You can use ABILITY_CURES macro similar to elvish shyde or if you don't want to cure poison, then copy the code of ABILITY_HEALS from abilities.cfg and adjust the value.

Don't know how to implement the stealing, but one thing you could do is in 'die' event move gold from the unit's side to the second unit's side. That's not excatly stealing but more like looting.
I'm using version 1.6

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#define BIG_HEAL
		name= _ "heals +8"
		description=  _ "Heals +8:Allows the unit to heal adjacent friendly units at the beginning of each turn. A unit cared for by this healer may heal up to 8 HP per turn, and have poison slowed from taking effect for that turn. A poisoned unit cannot be cured of its poison by a healer, and must seek the care of a village or a unit that can cure."
code for heals +8 with poison slow not cure
I use the name in an add-on so make the macro name more specific for what you are doing

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