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scott wrote:If there's nothing specifically wrong with the history from the challenges, I say keep it. The history should be above the body of campaigns. It provides service to campaigns but does not require them for support.
Well, as I said; the first challenge makes no sense to me ("He sends an army west, but the orcs in the eastern lands are defeated?"), and the second doesn't fit with Wesnoth geography (there is no place called mount eregonor, and no place on the Great Continent where it could concieveably be defended by elves against orcs.)
scott wrote:Next, the region-specific history is a decent idea, but the proposed implementation looks more like a textbook appendix than something you would actually want to read. Rather, consider making a separate document for each major region similar to how the geography is done (same page or separate pages - either way).
Well, making a separate document for each region was my original plan, but this was easier to do (only one file to edit). Also, since armies cross borders from one region to another all the time, it seems logical to have them viewable on the same page.

Really, though, since the change you suggest is an incredibly easy one to add (just have to make a separate copy of the file for each region, and delete all the columns in each file other than the one for that region), I'll do whichever one people think is better.
Ranger M wrote:what someone (who is cleverer than me) could do would be to make an interactive map with the history of different areas in a box to the side when you hover you're mouse over them. would be good becuse peopel would look at it (the words interactive map on a website tend to make people look at it), and people would read it because it isn't in just text format
A good idea, but beyond my skills. And, we would first need a map that actually encompassed all six areas.
Is this a typo?
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Alright, just checking.
Ranger M wrote:I THINK (although I could be wrong) that a typo is a spelling or grammer mistake made because you are typeing (i.e typing P instead of O because they are next to eachother, or it could just be a spelling or grammer mistake.
What the heck are you going on about?

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just explained that by editing the old one, I thought you said 'what is a typo?', again sorry.

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The map is correct and the text is backwards.

A typo is a typographical error, meaning a mechanical error that ocurred in the process of putting words on paper (or screen) instead of an intentional error in content. Technically incorrect spelling and grammar errors aren't typos since perfect typing wouldn't have avoided the error.
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