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irrevenant wrote:Do we really need the "Special Notes" in the unit descriptions? The attack is clearly listed as 'poison' or 'magical' with a hyperlink to the meaning. It seems redundant.
The basic premise is this - the old descriptions were written with the purpose of completely removing all mention of stats from the descriptions. We might describe the unit archetype's general use in warfare, but the point was to make the description something that would work even if this were not a game - rather than describe "Knight" - the unit in the game wesnoth, we are describing the "Knights" in the wesnothian fantasy world. It should be about the same style as if we were looking up this term in, say, the glossary found at the end of Robert Jordan's books.

The "Special Notes" were included as a concession to yak about those few things that make a unit very unusual for gameplay. Frankly, I wouldn't be opposed to having them removed, although part of the point of having them was to be able to mention the special abilities of a unit, which, if we were to do so in the body of all related descriptions, would get very tacky very fast.

It was really a case of "Real Artists Ship" - a case where _something_ needed to be done, and it was not entirely clear what the finer points of the right way to do it were. So I decided on something, and did it, which although it didn't make the unit descriptions perfect, made most of them one hell of a lot better.

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