New "wild elf" faction

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New "wild elf" faction

Post by Thunderblade »

I don't know if something like this has been discussed on the forums before, but I've got an interesting idea here... Yesterday, while walking through a storm (rained like the world was going to end), I thought about a new "wild elf" faction... After thinking a little about them, decided to name them "Sidhe" (not like the Elven "Shyde") instead of "Wild elves". Anyway, here follows their unit tree and a brief description of every unit... The only ones that received a bit of work are the warrior tree (I've writen their complete description, wich I shall post here later), and the Thunderblade (my avatar - as you shall notice, it is some sort of "hack" of the elvish hero, using a two handed magical blade).

General Description and filosophy:
The Sidhe are related to nature as all elves tend to be, but to a more violent, dynamic aspect of nature. When designing these, I thought about hail falling from the clouds, a storm, lightning, or the way wind tends to caress the grass on windy days. So, they're sometimes more "fickle" than normal elves - powerful, but dangerous to use. Their predisposition to recklessly charge their oponents or fight till death represent this feature.

Unit Tree

Sidhe Warrior -> Sidhe Wardancer -> Sidhe Shadowdancer
Sidhe Warrior -> Sidhe Wardancer -> Sidhe Windrunner

Sidhe Herald -> Sidhe Warsinger -> Sidhe Deathsinger
Sidhe Herald -> Sidhe Warsinger -> Sidhe Lifesinger

Sidhe Bowman -> Sidhe Treetop Raider -> Sidhe Leafkiller
Sidhe Bowman -> Sidhe Stalker -> Sidhe Leafstorm

Sidhe Charger -> Sidhe Spearhead -> Sidhe Horsemaster

Sidhe Wanderer -> Sidhe Tracker

Sidhe Raindancer -> Sidhe Windlasher -> Sidhe Tempest -> Sidhe Stormlord
Sidhe Raindancer -> Sidhe Warrior-Magus -> Sidhe Thunderblade

Sidhe Fury -> Sidhe Wildblade -> Sidhe Whirlwind

Warrior Spirit -> Sidhe Ancestor

Now, a brief description:

Sidhe Warrior - the basic combat unit, based on the elvish fighter but focusing mostly on melee. The Wardancer increases attack and life a bit, while adding firststrike. The two 3rd level variations add, to firststrike, backstab (shadowdancer) or charge (windrunner)

Sidhe Herald - basic leading unit. The concept revolves around a "bladesinger" archetype - a unit who inspires others to fight while singing amidst the battle field. The warsinger is just a more powerful version, still with leadership, and the two last singers use increased attack (deathsinger) or healing (lifesinger)

Sidhe Bowman - long range unit (obs.: the other units are quite weak on long range. it's a preference of these elves not to rely on bows and other long range weapons). It follows the elvish archer idea, with a branch leading to ambush (the treetop raider has it, and the leafkiller follows it's path) and the other ending in an unusual feature: fury (only for the leafstorm - some kind of berserking archer, firing an incessant hail of arrows).

Sidhe Charger - cavalry charging unit. 1st and second level based only around charging (and ONLY charging - utterly reckless), and the last one adding skirmish.

Sidhe Wanderer - "scouting" unit; using spear (and javelin), it's a cheap skirmisher, similar to the saurian one. It's evolution adds just some HP, attack and move points (obs.: while this guy moves on foot, the idea is that of a fast scout, able to move in and out of battle with ease - following the "dance" principle that guides the Sidhe warfare)

Sidhe Fury - THE berserking elf. In spite of it's not so high HP and low defences, will be able to attack many times. Gains charge on the 3rd level, becoming an completely unstable unit (the "all-or-nothing" fighter)

Warrior Spirit - Sidhe who die gloriously in battle and return to keep fighting for their people. Inspired on the ghost undead unit line, but starting with melee attacks (yes, it's an undead... chaotic and all). The 2nd level version (Sidhe Ancestor) has regeneration and a high damage single long ranged attack (sometinhg like the wail of a banshee - the original idea was a banshee, anyway).

Las, but not least...

Sidhe Raindancer - only spellcasting unit of this faction. The Sidhe nobility, with silver hair, closely related to storms, lightning and snow. Differently from normal casters, this one starts with a medium melee attack (nothing powerful, just enough to defend itself). The main line is a standard spellcaster line - lots of xp, lots of damage, low hp, The Warrior-Magus gains better melee attacks, and the Thunderblade uses magical melee (a magical Thunderblade - from where the name comes). If any of you ever played last blade II, just remember Setsuna and you will have an idea of it. Anyway, it's the only graphic I've done (and the only one I've ever done - new to this thing), and it's the one on my portrait.

Well, hope you like it. Any suggestion is welcome.

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Post by Elvish_Pillager »

Suggestion: Graphics are needed for a faction idea to go anywhere.
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Post by Thunderblade »

Well, the only graphic so far is the Thunderblade... I shall work on the others for weekend, but was thinking on first listening to what you think of the onw that's done...
General guidelines would be centered on their armor colors (light armor, tatoos and such for the common sidhe; dark robes and armor for the nobility) and hair (silver for magicians; black for most sidhe)

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Post by Tux2B »

I'm sorry I didn't read all the post, because it's long and, what's more, it's in English (and it's very hard for me to read those posts)!

But before reading it, I have only one question.

We already have wood elves, desert elves, dark elves and high elves. Now you want to add wild elves. But what would it add to elves? It will seem that Wesnoth is completely based on elves. There is only 1 dwarve faction, one orc faction, etc... (except for humans: there lavinians too). So why so much elves?
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Post by Neoriceisgood »

Because elves are so cool;

With orcs the problem is, no matter in what manner you look at them; they're still brutes; no matter if you clad them in gold armour or a loincloth; All the different elf factions have alot more than a subtle difference between them all, some elf factions have less incommon than elves and humans in playing style;

There are ALOT of designs for human(e) factions btw, alot more than elves; however only 3 ever got worked out.
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Post by turin »

Human factions:

* Loyalists
* Lavinians
* Marauders
* Aragwaithi
* Kedari
* Far East faction
* "Chaos" faction

All of those have at least some graphics and are still being actively worked on, except for the first one, which is official. 2-4 are found in the Imperial Era, 5 and 6 are still getting graphics, and 7 is still getting stats/being animated.

Compare with elvish factions:
* Wood elves
* High elves
* Desert elves
* "Wild" elves

The first is official; the second Jetryl is working on making official; the third is campaign-specific, and would not really make sense outside of that campaign; the fourth was suggested today.

That hardly seems like a majority for the elves over the humans. :roll:
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Post by scott »

Are they going to be chaotic? I think they sound cool... they remind me of Aragwaithi. I'm sure there will be flying capes galore.

Dwarves really could use a racial variant.
What's a chaotic human? Do you mean outlaws and co.?
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Post by Steel Will »

whats the soonest time the 5 and 6 human factions are available for downloading

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Post by turin »

Steel Will wrote:whats the soonest time the 5 and 6 human factions are available for downloading
They're still getting graphics. They won't be available at least until they have them.

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Post by Temuchin Khan »

I love these Wild Elves!

But that's probably because, I had a similar idea several years ago, before I ever heard of Wesnoth.

You see, I've been writing a fantasy novel ever since I was a kid. If I ever get it published, and if I ever write a sequel to it, I'll probably include an elvish culture that closely resembles the Wild Elves in the sequel. Except mine would have some skeletons in the closet....

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Post by Cuyo Quiz »

Although this idea seem like a Rebel-Dark Elves fusion, it also sounds pretty good and better too. However, they have everything, and by everything i mean a version of every elven unit and more (leadership, charge, skirmish... berserk?) so my recomendation would be to simplify and trim it.

If you do, please keep the Sidhe Spirit, it is a great point of difference betwwen this faction and the others.
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Post by gryphonlord »

I think this is a very good idea. Your ideas are excellent IMO, and very well-thought out. If you can make the graphics, this would be a great faction in a campaign or otherwise. Let me know if you need help; I'm no expert but I'll do my best. :)
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Post by Kestenvarn »

The herald, the elven berserker, the spirit... these are some great ideas. Wouldn't mind tinkering with some sprites myself.

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Post by ILikeProgramming »

turin wrote: Compare with elvish factions:
* Wood elves
* High elves
* Desert elves
* "Wild" elves
Where did Dark Elves go????!!!!!
I wonder if there's any chance they'd become official.

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Post by Oreb »

You can never have too many elve factions, woot!
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