Oddities with the cost of Gryphon (and other mainline monster units)

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Oddities with the cost of Gryphon (and other mainline monster units)

Post by Spixi » May 19th, 2019, 6:38 pm

The Gryphon and the Gryphon Master started as completely different units.

In 1.0, the Gryphon had 44 HP, costed 40 gold, had 9 MP and a 10-3 melee attack
The Gryphon Master, however, had 46 HP, costed 50 gold, had 10 MP and a 14-2 melee attack

The price difference made sense, because the Master had more movement, slightly more HP and could kill units with 14 HP (resistances not applied) left without receiving a counter-hit.

However, the stats are now very different:
In 1.14, the Gryphon kept all its stats, but the Gryphon Master got a lot of buffs over the time. Its costs were decreased from 50 to 37, its HP were increased from 46 to 51 and the melee attack was increased from 14-2 to 15-2. The Gryphon Master is now much stronger than the Gryphon.

Other units have similar issues. The Wolf and the Wolf Rider are are identical, but the Wolf evolves into a single (instead of two different) unit, if ENABLE_WOLF_ADVANCEMENT is set, or otherwise gets default AMLA at 50 XP, which is only better, if you cannot afford the upkeep for a level 2 unit. The Great Wolf is absolutely inferior compared to the Goblin Knight, because it has less HP and less attack, but its cost is only 2 gold less (30 instead of 32).

I know, this may slightly affect some mainline and user-made campaigns (for example, scenario 10 in Eastern Invasion at Easy difficulty), but I would suggest the following changes:

Decrease the costs of the
  • Gryphon from 40 to 31
  • Wolf from 17 to 16
  • Great Wolf from 30 to 28
What do you think?

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