Desert Map-Pack : new (UMC) for Wesnoth 1.14

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Desert Map-Pack : new (UMC) for Wesnoth 1.14

Post by chol » October 15th, 2018, 9:37 am

A new map-pack (UMC) for Wesnoth 1.14

Desert Map-Pack

Description: This is a collection of balanced southern themed multiplayer maps. The southern desert lands are home of raiders, clans, and naphta (rock) oil. Shrouded in horse breeding and spice caravans, it is a defiant region. Daunting to most but calling to others.

This map-pack gives you:
  • three 2-player maps
    three 3-player maps
    one 4-player map
    three 6-player maps
    one 9-player map
    one 6-player survival map
Note: This user made content (UMC) is best played with a new southern style wesnoth-era called Southerners and Default Era.

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Re: Desert Map-Pack : new (UMC) for Wesnoth 1.14

Post by The_Gnat » November 9th, 2018, 9:42 pm

What is the name to download this map pack?

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