New faction: Sharifs for 1.14

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New faction: Sharifs for 1.14

Post by chol » October 15th, 2018, 9:10 am

A new faction (UMC) for Wesnoth 1.14


The Sharifs is a new stand alone faction. It is a variant of the Dunefolk faction (formerly known as Khalifate). It delivers opportunities for new tactics. It has all default Dunefolk units and features 2 additional units: the bomber-engineer and the martial arts Hashishi-assassin (Sharifs = Dunefolk + 2 additional units).

Sharifs is a faction of humans from the deserts, dunes, and hills of southern lands. This dunefolk clan specializes in using terrain features to coordinate attacks at dawn or dusk. Their ranks boast lawful and liminal units, healers, high-accuracy melee fighters, horse-mounted archers, fearsome bombers and assassins. While Sharifs units tend to be more expensive than those of the Loyalist faction, they make up for this with high mobility — especially on hilly terrains.

Steppe people came from the far east, on horseback, in clans. They then settled in the south-eastern parts of the Great Continent (Irdya), south-east of Wesnoth beyond the Estmark Hills and the Bitter Swamp. To this day, it is a draught steppe and desert country. Later, they became known as the Dunefolk. They came into Wesnoth as conquerors to reave for gold, technology, slaves, and to knock their understanding of Peace into others, by the sword.

Dunefolk clans sojourn the dunes of the Sandy Wastes to the east.
Shrouded in horse breeding and spice caravans, it is a defiant region.
These Sandy Wastes are a gateway to the Ashland Deserts that are daunting for most but calling for others.
On the one hand, these deserts are famous for naphta (rock oil), honor and hospitality.
On the other hand, they are infamous for human traffiking and reavers.
When it became darker than dark and elvish nations called all forces to fight off
the landings of necromancy and the walking dead on the shores (of Wesnoth), dunefolk clans came over them with fiery zeal.
When dwarfs fought against mercyless orcish intruders in their homeland,
dunefolk fighters came over them with flame throwers.

Note: This user made content (UMC) is also part of a southern style wesnoth-era called "Southerners and Default Era".

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Re: New faction: Sharifs for 1.14

Post by The_Gnat » November 9th, 2018, 9:37 pm

Nice like the backstory and idea!

Have you made any other changes along with the two additional units? :)

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