Old era - limited version of Ageless Era

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Old era - limited version of Ageless Era

Post by eurydike » September 28th, 2018, 11:24 pm

Old era is not quite ageless era but something similar. It uses Ageless Era's resources and unit definitions. The primary difference is that not all AE factions are included. Here's a description of the current status of the era:

merge/modify with something else:
ae - deep elves - maybe some off balanced units
archaic - despair - maybe some off balanced units
archaic - primeval - maybe some off balanced units
ELE - fallen - maybe some off balanced units
ELE - vikings - maybe some off balanced units
ae - desert elves

composite factions:
dwarves + clockwork dwarves + council member ( current list: fighter, dwarvish crossbowman (eos trithra) , guardsman, (clockwork) golem soldier, council member (eotf) + focul (ME refugees) + EE dwarf scout
free saurians + augur + ? (droplist: Trainee,gladiator, lizard rider, spider, swamp saurian + maybe mage) + gore (eos minotaur)

desert elves + ??
EDIT: Included 'primeval' faction although it is perhaps not very balanced

ae - yokai - maybe some off balanced units
EE - dark elves
EFM - highlanders
EoC - aragwaithi
EoC - Chaos Empire - maybe some off balanced units
EoC - Sylvans
EOM - Vampires
MiE - Thelians

other possible:
archaic - phantom - maybe some off balanced units
archaic - south sea - maybe some off balanced units
archaic - ukians - maybe some off balanced units
EFM - darklanders
EOM - windsong
EOS - free saurians - maybe some off balanced units / maybe mergeable
Feudal - Clockwork dwarves
Imperial - Sidhe
ME - Emperor's Guard
RE - Darkelves
RE - Forestfolk

No longer candidates:
Feudal - High elves
EOS - Minotaurs - maybe some off balanced units
EotF - Brungar - probably some removable units (Could include council member as a standalone unit into some other faction)

single units to consider:
Gore, eos minotaurs
Council member, eotf brungar
widow, archaic despair
dark wose, RE darkelves
Swimmer, archaic south seas
Dwarvish crossbowman, eos trithra
Focul, ME refugees

--- The above describes approximate guidelines currently in use for the development of the era. Two of the factions are currently modified/composite factions, which means that they are created by merging pre-existing factions and dropping specific units out from them. EoC - Chaos Empire has lost the dog, but otherwise remains similar to AE. The composite factions are "Free Saurians" which have lost considerable number of units, and "Grizzly beards" a new faction composed of various dwarves.

Possible ways to further advance the era would include coming up with new ways of creating composite eras. For an example what faction could Desert Elves be combined with to make a playable new faction?

Grizzly beards
Council member (eotf brungar)
Dwarvish fighter (default)
Dwarvish guardsman (default)
Dwarvish crossbowman (eos trithra)
Dwarvish scout ( defaultish )
Golem soldier ( feudal clockwork dwarves )
Focul (me refugees)
EDIT: Created a new unit "Dwarvish Keeper"

Free saurians (modified)
Saurian augur (default)
Saurian skirmisher ( eos free saurians )
Saurian sage ( eos free saurians )
Saurian brave ( eos free saurians )
Saurian knife thrower ( eos free saurians )
Minotaur gore ( eos minotaurs)

The above modified factions would require 1-2 new units to make them more complete. However I'm having trouble deciding what they should be. I think the minotaur gore seems like a reasonable pick for the saurians, too bad there are isn't another minotaur that would seem appropriate. And even this one does leave room for improvement. "Grizzly beards" - this name will be changed later on but for now it will do for a dwarvish faction. They would also need some new units... Any suggestions?

The era can be found from the add-on server with the name "old era". It does not contain any new units or abilities - currently. If you have suggestion, it would be nice to include some new content as well. The era is also minimal in terms of the amount of definitions involved, so it's easy to use the filestructure as a base if you want to create your own version of ageless era. Just look up the faction definitions from ageless era.

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