Obscured Folklore Era

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Obscured Folklore Era

Post by Edwylm » June 8th, 2018, 4:26 am

Welcome to the Obscured Folklore Era. As it suggests this era is touching mainline lore and with the idea of expanding it. All it needs is testing. This is the first time I am making a add-on so advice or tips are welcome. I plan on uploading it this 6/9/2018

Firstly, many units and races are added. However, I have removed/replaced mounted flying units and gun units.
More units/levels for; humans, Orcs, Trolls, Saurains, dwarves, elves, drakes, and goblins.
Non mainline races are;
Brungar, Salamaders, Lavinian, Marauders, Sidhe, Arendain, Issaelfr, High Elves, Shogunate, Neanderthals, Aragwaith, Akladain, Northmen

Some changes. Many of the dwarves are now “Mountain dwarves” than just “dwarf”. Mainline “Elfs” are now “Wood Elves”
Other races/units I plan on adding are merfolk, nagas, dark elves, undead and possibly others if others suggest more.

Descriptions of races/units will be added/changed after upload and testing can begin.

here is a tease of a few units. ;)
Secondly I have added 4 new attack types; energy, electric, wedge, and impale.
Energy is a type-less/raw magic based attack, blade will be based a slash attack, pierce is a the basic pierce, wedge is a blade attack with properties of impact, impale is pierce with impact properties, electric is electrical shock based attack.

What does this mean?
Most axe based weapons will be wedge attacks. Reason to change to this way is because axes do not work well with a slash like attack. Axes tend to have better penetration with armor and wood due to the weight and momentum. So Wose, skeletons armored and larger creatures will have less resistance to axes .
Impale attacks will be javelins, some arrows/bolts, picks, and other piercing weapons that would use momentum. These too have armor piercing properties and are much better taking on armored/larger units.
Electrical shock does a lot of damage to those that are metal armored/water based units. Not sure about if it be good against flying units.
Energy will be a stable attack for 90% of the units.
Lastly after testing works out the balancing and bugs I'll add in more factions most notably undead.
I have a idea of having the skeleton's upkeep to -1 so level 1 skeletons would have 0 upkeep and level 2 would have 1 upkeep etc. Along with being unable to heal without a dark adept unit line or other necromancer type units. Though I would have it as level 1 would not get any healing from villages or gain health from resting. Level 2 would be able to gain health from resting and not from villages. Level 3 and high would get all healing types.
Though those that “unconstrained” trait will be able to gain health from villages and resting from level 1. As they are not dependent on a necromancer to live.
As to balance the upkeep I would make the dark adepts costing a bit more upkeep or recruitment cost goes up (as they are few in numbers and are now more important their costs are high).
Ghouls wouldn't, walking corpus and spirits will not change. However pledge weapon special might be changed or removed..
With this part, help will be needed as I believe the AI needs to be changed and not sure how to stop the healing part.
Note many units and resources in this era are from Era of Magic, UBER Era, Extended Era, Reign of Lords, Rashy Era, Era of the Future, Archaic Era, Era of Myths, Era of Strife, Era of Chaos, Feudal Era, Imperial Era, Mercenaries Era, Ageless Era,Hammers Era, Descendants of the Dragon Era, New Order campaigns, Caved in Stone campaigns, creator dingo7 artwork and many more. If I forget someone/era/campaign from the list please message me and I'll add it. If any other content creator doesn't want their works in my era please let me know.

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