Names and Races Medusa

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Names and Races Medusa

Post by Yomar »

I noticed that there are some add-ons that contain an unit called Medusa ( I found like a couple in a quick research), I think that's wrong, because the names in of Wesnoth units are generic ones, like Orck, Elf, Dwarf and so on, then under the side description they have proper random generated names lilke Lycin, Gruk or campaign names, like Konrad, Delfador and so on.
But many may don't know that Medusa is her main name not her races name, in fact she's a Gorgon and there were at least 3 known ones.
And since in the faction you can recruit more of them, that means that she is a generic unit (not like Knonrad for example, you can not recruit other Konrads).
So this is for who made these eras, so they can consider to change those names.
I mean in a campaign its ok that they are called Medusa, they may are main bosses, but in a faction ?
And my question is for everyone that reads this, is there a faction or era that features Gorgons instead of Medusas ?
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Re: Names and Races Medusa

Post by Losthunter »

Yeah, it seems there's no fction called gorgons i multiplayer eras (actually i thing thre's no faction that compose mainly of them they're always part of bigger faction). Sometimes in campaings you can see unit name "Gorgon", but i never found it in multiplayer. I also never saw names Stheno and Euryale in confrontation with gorgons/medusas. Why? You're planning to do gorgon faction? (not many units to choose from)
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