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It's not easy creating an entire faction or era. Post your work and collaborate in this forum.

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Re: Moonday Era

Post by DopeKiwiWarrior » May 27th, 2018, 1:07 pm

Hey! Big announcement.

We have now, after a while of inactivity, jumped 5 secondary versions (to explain, every secondary version was meant to be a faction added - 0.0.0 was Erimia, 0.1.0 was Cult, 0.2.0 was Saytara, you get it). That means we are on version 0.8.0 - which in turn means all planned factions have been made playable!

For now, I am done, maybe I'll be learning some pixel art to become self-reliant in the mean time. It's your turn to work on the era now - I need all of your balance feedback, bug reports, language suggestions, art or anything that you might have on your mind after playing my creation.

So go play it and return with some words of praise, wisdom or encouragement for me.

Thanks in advance,
Creator of Moonday Era, go check it out! (And critique the hell out of it, because it needs it.)

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Re: Moonday Era

Post by IPS » May 31st, 2018, 7:17 pm

Regards! Sorry for not being available at forums.

Also, it's extremely easy to help you at Discord chat service, the only few things you need to know are: I can grant real time feedback if we both we're online,just that I need more or less detailed information to can proceed. And on these conditions I'm much more motivated to help :mrgreen:
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Re: Moonday Era — precursor for contributions

Post by Can-ned_Food » July 17th, 2018, 6:05 pm

I'm yet waiting for 0-8-7 to add descriptions for every unit_type so that i can begin doing more sprites. I'm busy with much at the moment, but i'm also working on the Wildborn, Soilborn, and Emberborn.
Some questions:
  • What is their garb? Robes, tunics, or something else?
  • How short are they?
  • Slender or rotund?
  • What are the differences between the Erimiós and humanoid?
Folks, don't forget to encourage DKW to write more descriptions, in either Czech or simple English!
I promised that i would write more colorful descriptions in English.

Or, are you waiting for me to write such descriptions for the ones which you already have?

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