New suggestion for making the Khaiyal viable

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New suggestion for making the Khaiyal viable

Post by Ephelemi » October 5th, 2017, 9:01 am

When I think about the Khaiyal I always automatically compare it to the horseman, also because in its description it is stated that it is a unit that relies on its charge and is feared for it. I can understand if you agree that the charge special should be exclusive to the horseman for otherwise the units would be too similair, but most of you also seem to agree that the Khaiyal is too weak or just not viable in any matchup.
My suggestion is giving its lance attack an ability that reduces retaliation damage on offense. That way it will not necessarily be stronger but probably usable in more situations. I think an offensive counterpart to steadfast (like dauntless) or an ability that directly cuts damage would work best. This also fits thematically because a charging heavy infantry might not be as deadly as a charging horseman (because he is slower) but certainly more intimidating. It would also give the unit the little bit of special flavour that I think it needs.
Other reasonable suggestions I have read on the forum so far include making the level up less expensive and the advancement for the Rami more expensive, so it doesn't look like a complete waste of gold and xp to level a Khaiyal to a Quanas, and also giving the advancement of that unit the same movetype as the level 2.

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Re: New suggestion for making the Khaiyal viable

Post by The_Gnat » November 17th, 2017, 8:44 am

I think this is a good idea, but the main thing i believe must be considered is the Khaiyal's significant striking capability which allows him to finish off units in a manner similar to the thunder guard of the dwarves. The disadvantage (of course) is he does not have the mobility of normal horsemen. But of course it is hard to really balance a unit and takes a lot of testing. So i do not know if any change can be made until some testing has been made showing particular unit matchups and situations where this unit is unbalanced. Also it should be compared to other similar units that have similar abilities.

However, he should not really be considered a "horseman" but instead a slightly fast melee fighter (with a special weapon that can finish off units). He has as much life as the Loyalist HI, Orcish Grunt and Dwarvish Fighter and should be considered similar to them. But (of course) because of his significant 20-1 strike he has a below-par secondary melee weapon - 6-3 liminal which is less than the other units mentioned. He is also a important unit because he is one of few who has impact (key against undead) on a magic-less team.

If you (or anyone else) have any thoughts about whether/how the Khaiyal needs balancing i would be interested in discussing this further.

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