where to download factions/units not found in add-ons?

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where to download factions/units not found in add-ons?

Post by dragonage » October 8th, 2015, 3:32 am

Hi! I pretty much played through all of the factions in ageless era. It's so great to have so many talented artists contributing :D
Just want to know if there is a place where I can download some isolate units/factions that are not found in the add-on menu? I've seen a lot of amazing units online but they aren't found in the factions available for download, for example, the ones in the attachment.
Also can anyone recommend me, if there are, fully animated units other than the default factions?
Thanks a lot!
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Re: where to download factions/units not found in add-ons?

Post by GL_Network » October 24th, 2015, 6:48 am

The image you have is from Neoriceisgood. To my knowledge, he never wrote up a .cfg file for these units, but it's been ten years ago so It's possible other people did.

Note that Ageless Era is not, and isn't meant to be, a collection of factions from all add-ons. Or even most of them. For that, you'll either need to install the Custom Campaign add-on or to write up your own era in WML (which is how Ageless Era started by the way). The add-on server (which you can access through Wesnoth) contains plenty of multiplayer eras and independent multiplayer factions. I repeat, there is a lot to download. You've only touched the tip of the iceberg.

If you look into many add-on, you'll notice many units from different add-ons share the same artwork. Conversely, some of the artwork that appears on this very forum is unused. The picture you posted appears to belong to the later category.

There is one issue of downloading many add-ons, and that's when two multiplayer units have the same id (technically, this isn't restricted to units, but it almost always is). When this occurs, the unit that comes from the first add-on in alphabetical order takes precedence, and that may cause out-of-sync errors in multiplayer (though patching it still causes OoS errors in multiplayer, or incompatibility with old savefiles). Skilled add-on authors usually avoid this problem by adding a tag to their units' id, but Ageless Era was quite infamous for not being consistent about it in Wesnoth 1.10. Basic knowledge of WML should help you read over .cfg files to determine if an add-on is likely to cause this incompatibility problem.

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