The Wastelands Era 1.0 (in dev)

It's not easy creating an entire faction or era. Post your work and collaborate in this forum.

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The Wastelands Era 1.0 (in dev)

Post by Shanrakk » March 1st, 2015, 1:07 pm

I know it's a big project undertaking but this is where I'm going to start out. Currently, I have an idea that I think would be really interesting and I'm looking for some general feedback. Basically, the era and factions revolve around the post-apocalyptic Wesnoth in light of the UtBS campaign (which I loved a lot).

While there may be some tweaking, the factions I have in store are thus:

Desert elves: while there may be some minor unit tweaking for style or balance purposes, this race is already made. Instead of calling them the desert Elves though, Id like to tweak it to a more aesthetic name. Wanderers are whata I have in my notes currently.

Savages : the fallen remains of the men of Wesnoth. Savages are basically the ultimate tag team of ruffians and problem makers that are just doing everything they can to survive.

Raiders : orcs have stayed in this part of Wesnoth and have thrived off of the destruction and chaos rampant everywhere. To those who have played fallout 3- imagine orc versions of those guys (without the guns and stuff)

Demons: I want a name way better then demons but, essentially, an undead rework incorporating some of the roots of necromancy. I don't wanna get to Christian-hell demon with this, I'd like it to still be basically undead.

The hive: this name will probably change as well, but I want a faction that has a lot of the roaming monsters of Wesnoth connected together somehow. Whether it be from the work of an evil sorcerer or artifact or whatever it may be. This one is the most cannonically hard to fit in but it's something I really want to do

The fallen: stripped is their pride in the fall of the world, the drakes have become somewhat feral and rampant. They, like the Raiders, have learned to thrive off of the chaos and are usually the ones going toe to toe with the Raiders (think almost rival gang)

I'd also like at least one, maybe two more factions because I personally feel I'm missing something (I know I haven't mentioned dwarves, but is that all? I want content, dang it!)

Anyway, from the community I wanted to ask a couple of things:

1) do you guys think the idea as a whole is a good one?

2) does anyone want to help me with/have ideas for the project? (while of course I will most likely need some coding help, I plan on doing as much as I can with what I can do- I'm taking specifically balencing, Campaign and design help and only if you are interested)

3)any general comments thus far on factions?

4) I don't really have a four, I just want to make sure I cover everything. If I'm missing something or you just want to say it, do so.

I am currently working on the factions unit lists. When I have at least one to a somewhat workable state, I'll post it up here. I should have at least one perspective unit list posted by the end of the day. Thanks Wesnoth community!

P.s. I know a lot of people are all talk and no action, but I feel some talking is important for practical development
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Re: The wastelands era

Post by Shanrakk » March 3rd, 2015, 5:43 am

I thought I would at least get one response by now =/ On a secondary note, apparently listing Era Units is harder than I thought... Sorry for the upcoming long post.

Currently, Barring The already stable and adaptable Sand elves, I only have some rough designs for the other races. I have a Good scope of some of the playstyles of the races though. The savages in particular ive scoped out a pretty good unit line for.


Main focus is on battle field control. relatively weak units with strong abilities to keep village control. Still working on balances/stats

Fox rider> Kitsune
Though expensive and somewhat underpowered, The fox rider, as a scout, is distinguished by his obnoxious ability to Skirmish starting at level 1.

Main fighter:

Footpad(?) > Renegade > Outlaw
Leader > Commander.

The renegade line gives Concealment, which allows him to remain undetected in villages. The leader line gives leadership, which is actually pretty key in killing powerful units (Barring starving the enemy of village gold which remains your main strategy)

Wanderer> Hunter > Stalker
Outcast > Journeyman.

The wanderer is a Level 0 unit, as opposed to the normal level ones. Your main goal is probably going to be getting these guys levels. Relatively good at defending, they dont have the ability to hold a zone of control which is partly why they will be so cheap. Hunters gain the ability to back stab using their Ranged weapons, while outcasts Have steadfast. Journeymen have both steadfast AND poison, making them exceptional at holding onto villages.

Firestarter > Alchemist > Pyro

These guys are your "Mages". Instead of being true mages though, they do actually have a decent melee attack. Their main utility comes with their Molotov(?) bombs which have Siege. Its similar to marksman, except it has a 70% (maybe 80%) chance of hitting someone while they are in a village tile.
While this doesn't do much in letting you get to the keep, this further emphasis your role of capturing villages.
If these guys are too complicated, I might just make their attacks magical.

Assassin > Slayer

While I basically 100% stole these from the orcs, I'll probably change the name and tweak them a little bit. Truth is- they are really the last thing this faction needs to help solidify offensive play. One tweak might be to lower damage for melee and get rid of marksman for poison knives in lieu of a back stab for more potential damage.

Lastly, I need a good "water" Unit but cant think of one. alternatively, I could NOT give a feasible water unit, instead replacing it with some other damage or utility. The faction already has pretty good average defense across the board, and water could be an exploitable weakness (I.e, water villages are harder to control and thus pose a tactical advantage for you)
Currently, Ive began thinking of ideas for these races..
Raiders: A more aggressive but powerful playstyle. Similar to the drakes of default, having expensive but powerful units that are ToD dependent for powerful attacks.
Hive: Once again, while the name might change entirely, I am 100% biased to having giant worms in this faction. (maybe not quite as big as Dune worms, but you get the idea.)
Demons: I would like to mess around with having en-mass cheap units here, but the undead already have a good thing going for them. WIP

Still looking for ANY sort of feedback! Thanks community!

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Re: The Wastelands Era 1.0 (in dev)

Post by tommy2teeth » May 11th, 2015, 4:02 pm

I like the idea a lot. I always enjoyed dystopian post-apocalyptic movies like The Road Warrior (Mad Max 2). I think a really cool faction to add would be based off the MM2 movie. I included a pic of a lvl 1 Lord Humongous I did this morning. I just added a hockey mask to a troll shaman body. I am just learning how to use art programs and as you can see, I need a lot more practice, but I hope you get the idea.
Lvl 1 LH
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Re: The Wastelands Era 1.0 (in dev)

Post by max_torch » May 11th, 2015, 5:08 pm

Shanrakk wrote:I'd also like at least one, maybe two more factions because I personally feel I'm missing something (I know I haven't mentioned dwarves, but is that all? I want content, dang it!)
Maybe a post-apocalyptic khalifate is the missing thing you're looking for? This post-apocalyptic Khalifate could have armored worm and scorpion riders. They could also be traders that have all sorts of stuff people need to survive in the wasteland, having connections to far places.
And this far into the future you could make use of the UMC faction Steampunk dwarves since they should have the tech by now..
This will be purely for multiplayer or will feature in your own campaigns?

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