Era_of_Bronze_Age_Clashes - gameplay & bugs

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Re: Era_of_Bronze_Age_Clashes - gameplay & bugs

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Thank you very much ,Velensk and Turuk, for your help! I realy apreachiate it!
For your points and arguments, I guess I have to think through them a little more the coming days .. and grind on them, but for now, as far as it goes I would -argumentatively- just ad these few points:

First I must say, that in reality, 4 of my 6 eras are not realy eras, they are just factions. But I found it wise to just fiollow the example of wesnoth developers (Wintermute: Era_Khalifate in this case) and do the same and call some of my factions .. eras.

Secondly my aproch of having dependencies from a (real) era (Era_of_Bronze_Age_Clashes in this case) down to my factions (e.g. so called Era_Ivrim) would not be all that stupid, cause it is anyway just one more click away from the download .. you may like it or not, it is just not a great burden, i did test it by deleting my wesnoth user folder. And the dependency function seems to be an inherent feature and not a bug, by the way. But I would not insist on this, because I just do not have the experiance and expertise like you do.

That said, proper use of dependencies (possibly initiating following download) could help spare server storage, theoretically. On the othet hand, it is not very much in comon use, so far as I noticed it. In that you seem to be right!
You like it more in the way of 'all-inclusive-packages'? It's o.k. to me. This style also has it's downfalls, like everyone can see in regard to the super-mega-max-era-packages (esp. on the 1.10.x servers), which also have flaws in itself!

My clear Era structure makes it uneasy for you to analyse it, also good, then I just have to improve it ! That said, you may notice, that some of your critique will fall also down on the Era_Khalifate, wich was some kind of a blueprint to my work.

Problems concerning Era_Ivrim
I would like to answer you, Velensk, in my other thread, see:
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