The Era of Horrors 1.2.1 (Wesnoth 1.14 release)

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Re: The Era of Horrors 1.2.1 (Wesnoth 1.14 release)

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Yeah. I bet that's half in part of me not finding sounds I liked, and half writing barely functioning WML. I was meaning to do a full art upgrade but got distracted making content for other games. Graphical update is still on the backburner with some art done but I basically decided to put it on hold until 1.16, which I'm sure I would have noticed the sound issue and fixed it, being less picky now. Since you brought it to my attention now though I can look into fixing sooner rather than later. After I clean off this rust.

I know the Icondoni all are pretty silent since elephant sounds were not really available in core or UMC. Strangely the kitten of all units should have sound on attacking though, could have swore it uses the same attack sound as the lvl 1 mage in core. Probably jank code, like I said, but that means easy fix.
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Re: The Era of Horrors 1.2.1 (Wesnoth 1.14 release)

Post by Atreides »

Been playing with this era again and noticed that all but the toy box and 1 neko units have no sound/anim.

I found I could insert a generic (sword) sound plus a attack anim on all units using 1 search and replace. It works (the anim is as good as the dunefolk heh) although even magic attacks make a sword sound :). Beats silence which is unplayable for me. I need the audio feedback, even if it were a click/beep just to know I've done the attack.

I decided to put in some effort for the kitties though (currently involved in a long game) and fixed them up real nice. Also made the huntress (which had sound and even animated frames (2 of her leaping!) anim work since it was in fact broken due to some darned lower case extensions!

I like the Neko Singer image. She kinda looks like a 60's go-go dancer in her miniskirt. :-)

Anyways, that's the mischief I've been up to...
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