New Unit/Faction Template

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New Unit/Faction Template

Post by junoslord »

New guy here, trying to get my head around WML and formatting for UMC, so any help, tutelage, or mentoring would be helpful, and greatly appreciated.

Does anyone have templates for what the unit and factions should look like?

I see there is one post ( with two units in it but neither unit has a second attack... where do I put second, third attack type info?... where would I include special abilities?

I have been looking for "A Simple Campaign" but can't locate it on the Add-On server. Anyone know where else I can get a hold of it?

Also: This can't be a proper faction, can it? He's just showing his thought process right...

Club Mercenary------>Hammer Mercenary--->Mercenary Fury
\----->Mercenary Guard

Bow Mercenary------>Longbow Mercenary--->Mercenary Sniper
\----->Crossbow Mercenary

Mercenary Scout---->Mercenary Rider

One more thing related to this, in order to create a balanced faction is it "acceptable" to simply copy an existing, balanced faction; change the names, and rearrange the combat values?

Made up example: Unit X has 50hp, 50xp, and a 5-5 melee attack... if I leave everything the same but increase to 55hp and say 60xp to compensate; and then change the 5-5 attack to a 12-2 (or 8-3, or 6-4)... would this still be a "balanced" unit even though it's traits are different.


One last thing, well two, I'll add here at the end since I think this should be in the other forum-- but maybe someone will see this here and not there...

Does anyone know why the maps I created in the in-game map editor don't save properly as .map files; and why won't they import into the UDC IDE? I know there's something simple I'm missing.
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Re: New Unit/Faction Template

Post by Araja »

I can't really say anything about the balance except that, as a general rule and give or take a few either way, an L1 unit does 20 damage, an L2 does 30 and an L3 does 40.

What I can say is that the map editor problem can be easily solved, you just find the file in your Wesnoth\userdata\editor\maps folder and manually add .map to the end of it. Once that's done, just copy-paste it into the Wesnoth\data\multiplayer\maps folder.

Or just add .map onto the end when you save it, and change the directory it saves to Wesnoth/data/multiplayer/maps. That would probably be easier, but I tend to do it the other way.

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