Generic Faction Format

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Generic Faction Format

Post by danman5550 »

Is there any way for me to get my hands on a generic format for building a faction? I've never used any sort of coding (unless you count TI-BASIC on my TI-73).

I'm thinking of downloading a basic faction and just modifying the unit files there, but I'd like to learn how to do it on my own too.
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Re: Generic Faction Format

Post by Dixie »

It's not a faction per se, but download and look at A Simple Campaign's files. It will teach you a lot about WML and the way most add-ons are built. Sure, it's a campaign, but if you understand the basics from there, you can set up an add-on with costum units and a bit of stuff. After that, you should be confident enough to look at other eras/the wiki/the WML Workshop forums for specifics.

Good luck with your project :)
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Re: Generic Faction Format

Post by alexanderthegre »

Check out my Default+AOH era if you want to use only Default units (it's only a page long), or any other era can be easily modified to meet your needs.
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