Ageless Era Unit : Prodromoi

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Ageless Era Unit : Prodromoi

Post by scrimkiler »

Unit evolution "Hipparch" of the unit "Prodromoi" can't be seen in the unit description.Error message : "parse error"
Game also crash when the unit evolve into "Hipparch"

I asked the 3 other players on the same game if they could read unit description and they had the same problem.

Ageless Era 4.6
Wesnoth 1.8.5
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Re: Ageless Era Unit : Prodromoi

Post by Pentarctagon »

these is already an official thread for ageless era, so you should probably post this there.
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Re: Ageless Era Unit : Prodromoi

Post by Drakefriend »

Maybe it helps to update Ageless Era, as version 4.7 is out, maybe it has already be fixed.
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