Pick Your Recruits Armageddon (Standard & Extended)

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Re: Pick Your Recruits Armageddon (Standard & Extended)

Post by Elder2 » May 14th, 2016, 10:55 pm

I present to you a crazy game with a magical unit killing of which doesn't really give you almost any gold advantage, but it sure is good for your opponent's economy - the 5 g lvl 1 dwarvish miner.

Grunt rush is fun and works well early game especially if your opponent chooses expensive units as the cheap grunts give you early number advantage, but what would happen if you exchange 12 g grunt for an even more mobile (dwarf foot 5 mp) and over twice as cheap unit, with good hp like grunt, but even less attack? And even better - if you add some ulfs + shammys for crazy killing power? It comes as no surprise that you are all over your opponent and have half of his villas by turn 10 xD
I played vs Horus on scarred foothills, I recruited 2 ulfs and shammys, 2 cheap wolves, ghoul for defense (which i didnt need really) and for rest gold miners, vs ulfs and shammys Horus couldnt even hold the villages and after his failed initial attack with dust devils (which die to ulfs and can get overrunned by miners) i could take Horus' left flank unimpeded and overrun him later making even more miners, though miners deal almost no damage it doesnt matter if you can overrun and take villages and leave killing to ulfs, though if you loose your ulf killing power it can be a real problem.

It doesnt matter how many miners do you loose as long as ulfs and shammys survive, in fact loosing 5 g miners is somewhat good for you as it lowers your upkeep (so you can recruit more miners), dwarf miner is the ultimate meat shield, the only problem with miners is that killing them gives your opponent much xp, later in this game the xp Horus got from killing all the miners though i had almost all villages gave him 3 lvl 3 and some lvl 2.

In my opinion its one of the most fun builds I have ever played xD the dwarf miners are crazy overrunning unit and you can make a ton of them early game and make the miner rush xD the number advantage you get is insane, and if you add some shammys and ulfs to it you can pretty reliably take villages you come across, im not sure if you can really defend against the crazy numbers of dwarf miners alone.
You just have to see the replay for yourself, i think if you really want you can do even crazier things with dwarf miners like, I don't know, 20 miners early game rush? xD I might have to try it someday
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Re: Pick Your Recruits Armageddon (Standard & Extended)

Post by iceiceice » May 25th, 2016, 5:08 am

Horus2 wrote:It looks like i did not update the news section of this era for a long, long time. PYRA had a game-breaking bug for a more than 1 year interval, but fortunately those dark times were over. It still contained a bug that prevented linux users from enjoying it, and this is what got fixed today. So go ahead, linux users!
Ehh I still get problems :whistle:

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20160525 01:05:37 error config: error reading usermade add-on '/home/chris/.local/share/wesnoth/1.12/data/add-ons/armageddon_PYR/_main.cfg'
20160525 01:05:37 error config: Macro/file '~add-ons/armageddon_PYR/maps/4pYRA_Bath_Of_Glory.map' is missing
at ~add-ons/armageddon_PYR/./scenarios/4pYRA_Bath_of_Glory.cfg:4
    included from ~add-ons/armageddon_PYR/_main.cfg:24
Looks like an issue "Bath_of_Glory" vs. "Bath_Of_Glory"

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Re: Pick Your Recruits Armageddon (Standard & Extended)

Post by Horus2 » May 25th, 2016, 6:35 pm

iceiceice wrote:Ehh I still get problems :whistle:

Looks like an issue "Bath_of_Glory" vs. "Bath_Of_Glory"
I already got a warning from someone else too. The patch is on the way. Thanks for notifying me!

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Pick Your Recruits Armageddon - now available on 1.14!

Post by ForPeace » September 19th, 2019, 5:55 pm

Horus hasn't been active for some time and he probably won't be in the near future. Meanwhile, PYRA is a cool add-on that deserves to be played more often and needs a 1.14 port. I don't think Horus would object to me doing it so I uploaded the PYRA 2.3.4 version from the 1.12 add-on server to 1.14.
During his absence, I am going to maintain it without making any changes except necessary bug-fixes.
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