Double attacks and hp for all units.

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Re: Double attacks and hp for all units.

Post by IPS » June 23rd, 2010, 1:51 am

Quick, works equal. It takes the 5% of the Unit's hp, if the hp is doubled, automatically, the disminution of the hp is doubled.

If a unit haves originally 40 hp, it should lose 2 points because quick, but if that unit is upgaraded to have 80 hp, when it comes quick, it should lose 4 hp. Because the percent is the same. -no problems with quick-

I think, ghul should do like 6-4 (instead 4-6) to have less chance to poison, and keep the proportion of dammage. When it's upgaraded to Necrophage, maybe, it should do 7-6, because it's a lv2 unit and should have more chance to poison.
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Re: Double attacks and hp for all units.

Post by wesfreak » June 23rd, 2010, 2:29 am

This was already mentioned: units with poison and slow do double damage instead of double strikes. So a ghoul would do 8-3 damage. My bad about the quick thing though.

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Re: Double attacks and hp for all units.

Post by Sriram » July 4th, 2010, 6:14 pm

I don't think there's any problem with Leadership. It's balanced. Same reason as quick.

There is a slight disadvantage for units with charge. Earlier they would have killed the enemy with one strike, thus having a good chance of doing a lossless kill. Now they need two hits, thus the enemy gets a hit in the middle.

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Re: Double attacks and hp for all units.

Post by Zarel » July 4th, 2010, 7:44 pm

thespaceinvader wrote:This sort of thing has slim to no chance of ever being implemented in mainline, but you're welcome to do what you can as an add-on.
afaik, Crab had already done it in some random patch which I have vague memories of being committed to mainline, but maybe not.

I'm pretty sure it's not what's in Experimental right now, since what's in Experimental is Sauron's system, not this system (see below).
Velensk wrote:Sauron tried to do the much more extreme version of this a while back. I didn't like that mod however this is a concept that I do not mind even were it mainlined.
Sauron's system is minimum damage enforcement (which I believe is far superior). This system is just variance suppression (which screws with high-variance-exploitation strategies, and the removal of strategy is never a good thing for a strategy game).

I've explained why minimum damage enforcement is better at least fifteen times in the other luck threads, so I won't do so again here.
Dixie wrote:Slow works on a %, so it's fine; Poison however is a hard-coded effect doing 8 point of damage/round, end of the line.
Erm, doubling poison damage would fix that particular consideration completely.

...the problem with slow and poison is that they need to hit at least once to take effect, and doubling strikes makes the chances of hitting at least once a lot more likely. Requiring them to hit at least twice would screw with probabilities too much in the other direction - I think it'd be best to change them to a fixed probability chance per hit.

(Doubling damage instead of strikes for poison/slow attacks is more exact, but I still like my idea better, since it doesn't seem as hackish.)
thespaceinvader wrote:Less than 30 seconds per unit, zookeeper? Swift :P But from you, I believe it.
Have you heard of a device called a computer? Computers are useful for automating repetitive tasks such as finding and replacing each number to double its original value. :P
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