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Re: Wose Faction

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pauxlo wrote:
MetalKing wrote: Btw. Woses and Trolls shares something. As Trolls are out of Stone and magical Entities. I don't know for Woses but guess they are magical Entities as well and from Wood/Trees but humanoid. There is another important Point: Trolls are totally vulnerable to SunLight while Woses like SunLight alot. Trolls in SunLight turns into that which they are from: Stone.
Wesnoth trolls don't turn into stone at day, they just can't see as good as at night, and are thus weaker at day.
Yes, Wesnoth Trolls are somewhat special.
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Re: Wose Faction

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This is Wesnoth. We don't care about if it is factually correct or not.
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Re: Wose Faction

Post by Redster »

I will admit to having skimmed a bit on my reading, however I know you have entered phase two/step 2 in the process, and would like to voice my opinion. I may just be getting the wrong vibe from all this but I think many of you are sticking too close to what the regular wose unit looks like, in your ideas for new units. The shaman are designed to look like willow trees, unlike normal woses who might look like a common oak. I bring this up cause even in the events of people trying to bring up a wose guardian, which might have a shield and weapon of some kind, which i will admit likely was just a possible idea for the look, had just altered the original wose unit to have a wooden shield and spike.

This isn't meant to come off as a harsh criticism, all i want to say is that thinking outside the box in what they might look like, with the strangler for example being a mass of roots, is a good idea. If there were to be any wose's with blade or pierce damage, maybe they have large weapons made of stone, kept together by their roots having wrapped around it.
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