Archaic Era (Active for BfW 1.13, Maintenance for BfW 1.12)

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Re: Archaic Era (Active for BfW 1.13, Maintenance for BfW 1.

Postby doofus-01 » January 15th, 2018, 3:06 am

ForestDragon wrote:Decided to contribute edited ranged attack animation code for the roswellian line:
That was a nice idea for the psionic blast. And speaking of animations, I've got pretty complete set for the little green men now, they'll be in the next update.
ForestDragon wrote:btw, I think the lvl2's melee damage should be buffed to 6-2, or the tank's crush should be nerfed to 11-2 (since lvl1: 3-2 > lvl2: 5-2 > lvl3: 12-2 isn't a very smooth progression)
Yeah. I think there could be a branch, where the tank is more physical and the hypothetical unit is more range-attack oriented.

Eagle_11 wrote:The sprite remaint a bit too large and detailed for an lvl2 unit, since you have made the sprite may i ask if you would be willing to modify it a bit to have an lvl2 version of it.
I might make a lower level some day, but if all you need is to make it smaller, can't you do that?
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Re: Archaic Era (Active for BfW 1.13, Maintenance for BfW 1.

Postby Eagle_11 » January 15th, 2018, 10:59 am

Figured to ask might not hurt before hurrying ahead and doing as such anyways.
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