Enhanced ELVES - level 4-5 for Core game - Work in Progress

It's not easy creating an entire faction or era. Post your work and collaborate in this forum.

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Enhanced ELVES - level 4-5 for Core game - Work in Progress

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What are "Enhanced Elves" Faction ?
- Units playables in the standard campains of the game, where players have time to level-up and possibly get level 4 or level 5 units.
- Basics elves of the game are still the same, but can evolve after AMLA into a Enhanced Elves of this faction instead of just get 3 more HP.
- New units and new choices for level 2 units. (ex : hero have choice "champion" or "tactician" when levelup)
- Alike others factions, it will'nt work just by only copy add-on in user data. A modification will be need in a .cfg of wesnoth's core. Just dont forget to remove this modification before playing in multiplayer for ladder or tournament.

Flavour of faction.
- Like I ever said, I'm a Magic the Gathering player too, so the faction have the same spirit than the green color of this game.
- Enhanced Elves loves Natural or surnatural growth, specials capacitys only availables in forest, Healing, Sylvans, Violence of earth and wood elements, Lore spirituality, Arrows, Fearies, Power of nature, Flowers, Arts, Harmony, Life, Peace and Love.
- Each unit have been made to be authentic, complete by itself, and his game statistics tell also a story.

Work done :
- All abilitys (need game testing for long time game to be sure that all is ok).
- Images and animations (just variations of the basics one with altered colors).
- Translation of majority of abilitys.

Work to do :
- Finalize description of abilitys
- Description of units
- Balance of units : The balance don't need to be perfect because this is not Multiplayers Units. Balance need to be just correct for playing campains without making it too easy. Cost is not really done (or hasardous).
- Personnalize : for example, in the shaman tree, some attacks are just extrapolations of basic one, maybe units need more differents attacks, or more originals one.

- Lyrax is Wanted !! dead or alive :)
- Help is welcome because I can't write correctly in English.
- I've just write some indications (column "description" of the .pdf document ), but real story need to be made, according with the look of the units, and their abilities and powers.
- So it's a work needing imaginative, creative writers, with a good understanding of the "feeling" of the units.

Informations about Abilities :
- All is there :
http://forums.wesnoth.org/viewtopic.php ... 9&start=13

Except "WoodTrap". In a forest land type, Woodtrap deals x2 damages, get +{VALUE}% to hit. It's also a "trap" type (not melee and not ranged so).

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French Player. For now, I'm working on creation of abilitys and units with WML. My goal is to make an enhanced version of Elves, playable with standard campains. HERE : http://forums.wesnoth.org/viewtopic.php ... 58&start=0
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