Steelhive Faction feedback/balancing

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Re: Steelhive Faction feedback/balancing

Post by Celtic_Minstrel » August 26th, 2014, 1:42 am

Okay, so does this mapping look accurate?
  • Amniote-->missing
  • Choriote-->missing
  • Cybercone-->missing
  • Cybercore-->missing
  • Drone-->Wyrm?
  • Scout-->Serpent?
  • Recon-->Leviathan?
  • Lightshifter-->missing
  • Oculus-->Oculus (unchanged)
  • Sparkgazer-->Cataract
  • Boltstriker-->Astigmatic
  • Sentient-->missing
  • Slasher-->Slasher (unchanged)
  • Bladewhirler-->Splicer
  • Vector-->Vector (unchanged)
  • Fideliant-->Fideliant (unchanged)
  • Vorpal-->Vorpal (unchanged)
  • Welder-->Hedron
  • Repairer-->Choron
And you say you planned a new line that would replace the Amniote and Cybercone together, which also sounds like it'd replace the hive queen line I added in my version. So I guess the only cool ones still missing would be the Sentient and the Lightshifter. (Well, mostly the Lightshifter, really. The Sentient isn't as interesting.)

I see the units also aren't yet animated, which is a pity...
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