Zombie Faction

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Rex Umbrarum
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Re: Zombie Faction

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Mabuse wrote:
Rex Umbrarum wrote: The Devlings seem to get along fine with just 1 lvl 1. It doesn't seem to be much of a jump to have no level 1's
wow. cool post.

so how many lvl0 do the devlings have and how many lvl0 are planned for the zombie faction ?
so see a differnce here ?

so you can only train mp4 wealking corpses and do somebody seriously think this will work in any way ? :lol2:
no matter which fatcion you fight the other wil win, becasue it grabs villages so muich faster has way better income and wil simply crush you, mounting an offense with mp4 units only is anyway impossible (except they have a better movetype)

if you fight against me you woudl never ever level s ingle walking corpse, i would just detroy you.
Yes, but you had a very general statement. I may have misinterpreted it, but it sounded like you were saying it's completely impossible to have a good faction with only lvl0 recruitable, which I do not think is true. I do think it would be very, very difficult to make a good faction with only WC recruitable; impossible without modifying the WC stats.

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Re: Zombie Faction

Post by Beleg-Aran »

Okay. All (initial, not animated) sprites done! Made topic here for art, go there if you want to help-look at-mock them. Now I need to get down to programming!
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Re: Zombie Faction

Post by Rhishisikk »

Had an idea. Let the massive scale units spawn zombies at a cost to their HP. Got the idea from a critter made with more than one zombie sewn together. No good ideas yet, though. Sorry.
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Re: Zombie Faction

Post by Skizzaltix »

...Of course, if you were to give them a scout, the whole problem would vanish.
I think you mentioned a crow over on the art thread? That would serve nicely.

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Re: Zombie Faction

Post by Ghost_whore »

For mobility you could have Zombie birds, Zombie raven maybe ? or Zombie angel, Zombie drake???? for sea i once saw a movie with a zombie penguins!
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Re: Zombie Faction

Post by Mabuse »

or a zombie-air-elemental
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