The Yōkai

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Re: The Yōkai

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Tycho_X wrote:
February 12th, 2020, 9:30 am
Major reworks for the Yokai are now underway. (only took, what, 2? 12? years)

Winkyface at IPS ;)
Sounds goood. Original Yokais used to be pretty underpowered and most likely unviable to play for most player's average skill level. I do remember when almost anything was underpowered in that faction long ago, fortunately I could create an unnoficial version in Ageless Era that was much more balanced which was running in that era for like a year or maybe a little more.

Good to see that one of the most original concepts in terms of independant factions is being resurrected and remasterized. Would recomend talking about the new yokai's as V2.0 or as something similar to that.

And ofc, I will do my best in my hand to make them fairly viable, fun to use and overall better balanced than they used to be for several years. Will be looking in what Tycho_X wants in mind and just tweak some stats/values for more fairness ^_^
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