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Re: A "beholder" type unit line?

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unit12 wrote:holy
*cough*arcane*cough* :P

Well, it's an intriguing idea. . .:hmm:


A) what faction is this to be in?

B) is this a new faction?

C) can it work?
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One of you is finally going to push this too far and bring the wrath of the capitalist copyright system down upon our heads, I know it.
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unit12 wrote:are you serious here? nothings being sold.
I fear you maybe being alittle paranoid.
Sold - not by us.
Distributed - yes. To tens of thousands of players via free download at SourceForge.

Anyway, in this moment Wesnoth is 100% legal, and can be used / distributed / sold without problems. And we want to keep it like this.

Paranoia is the essence of free software. ;-) If we weren't paranoid, we would just call it "open source". And by the way, just few weeks ago the Wesnoth trailer was removed from YouTube, because Viacom (falsely) claimed it violated their intellectual rights. See, you do not even have to break any laws to have problems. Now imagine if some corporation's rights were really violated, and the corporation would choose to send a few lawyers at us just for the sake of fun. We live in a world where such things happen.

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