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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 2.5 - 10th Anniversary!

Post by inferno8 » February 16th, 2018, 8:29 pm

Hello wesfolks, it is only one week until the big day. 23th February is the EoMa's 10th Birthday! :D Be here when the time comes - there is going to be a new version of the Era with a lot of interesting stuff ;)

One of the features of the upcoming release is new units! Era of Magic already has 236 of them as for 2.5 but there will be 10 more! For those who are interested, here they are:
As you can see, there will be a new kind of Salamander, two Dwarvish Scouts, a lvl3 Tharis assassin, a lvl4 undead Cyclops for Destroyers (capable of summoning zombies for free), two special portal-like support units for Destroyers and finally a completely new Black Orbs which will become a replacement for good ol' bats. Yes, there will be no more bats for Tharis faction but I hope you will like these new weird stormy spheres (warlocks use them as powerbanks, but still fail to invent smartphones in the first place...).

Apart from new units, there will be a few interesting abilities and weapon specials, but the major feature of the upcoming version is yet to be revealed, so stay tuned! :D

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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 2.5 - 10th Anniversary!

Post by catagent101 » February 21st, 2018, 9:02 pm

A typo: "No decription available" should be "No description available".

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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 2.5 - 10th Anniversary!

Post by inferno8 » February 21st, 2018, 10:04 pm

Hi, catagent101 and thanks for reporting. ;) Typos like this have been fixed in the upcoming version (at least most of them).

Speaking of the upcoming release, it is less than 2 days for this very special day, the day of EoMa's 10th birthday, so "people get ready" :D

There will be a lot of interesting stuff posted that day including cut content and graphical evolution of units during the last decade. So see you on Friday! 8)

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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 3.0

Post by inferno8 » February 23rd, 2018, 2:58 pm

Dear EoMa fans,fellow BfW players and developers,
10 years ago I made a decision which changed my life. On 23 February 2008 I released my small personal project to the public. This project was called the “Era of Magic” and was a result of my effort to create the most graphically sophisticated MP era with lots of interesting and fun to play factions. At that time the most recent version of the game was 1.2 and 2008 was just the very beginning of the golden age for this excellent open-source strategy game.

The initial beta version of the Era of Magic included 4 playable factions with more to come in the future. These factions were: Enlightened Ones, Alchemists, Warlocks and Priests – total of 64 animated units. This was quite a unique feature back then because animated user-made eras were almost nonexistent. The animations were very simple, but it was just the beginning of the long journey.

As time passed by, the era grew more and more, new units were added and later these 4 initial factions evolved to become the Sky Kingdom, Summoners, Tharis and Kharos, each with interesting theme and playstyle. The Era of Magic was quite popular and soon became the 2nd most downloaded mp era on the official add-on server for versions 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 (source:

With such a high popularity, I decided to expand the era by adding new factions. Slowly yet consequently the following factions were introduced: Barbarians, Dark Blood Alliance, Runemasters (Ancient Dwarves back then) and Destroyers. Thanks to these additions, the Era of Magic started to offer a wide variety of units, from tiny goblins to huge mechanical dragons, all animated.

Now the era consists of 243 units and about 4 thousand animation frames making it the most graphically sophisticated mp era available. It is loved by many all around the world and is included in the Ageless Era compilation add-on. EoMa has been translated (partially) to the following languages: German, Spanish, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Chinese!

In 2016 a user named ForestDragon offered me his talents in coding, animations improvement and writing descriptions. He assisted me a lot in preparing 2.0 release of EoMa which turned out to be a huge success. His amazing ideas and incredible attention to details moved this add-on to a completely new level of quality. Thank you!

During the last decade the graphical style of the era has changed drastically as I made progress with my pixel art skills. There were many versions of various unit sprites, Fire God being the record-holder as it had 6 iterations total. For those who are interested, here is a small presentation of how some units have changed over time. One of the most drastic changes happened to Tharis Dark Warrior which originally was a female!
EoMa's evolution:
With such a long history of development and tons of ideas, some stuff was not good enough to become part of EoMa or was removed at some point - I am talking about the cut content. Below you will find a few examples:
Cut Content:
Ok, enough of the past. It is time to talk about the present and the future of the Era of Magic.

Together with ForestDragon we present you the latest and the most advanced version of the Era of Magic ever created.

The main feature of the 3.0 release is the implementation of stunning high-quality 24 fps animations and particle effects. Spinning summoning circles, realistic fire and air elementals, complex attack and recruit animations – all made with with the aid of open-source 3D computer graphics software.

Due to large number of images in 3.0 release, the decision was made to separate them from the core add-on. So to run Era of Magic 3.0 you need to download “Era of Magic Resources” add-on which is essential to run the era without issues. The game should warn you about all dependencies and download it automatically.

The balance of units have been greatly improved thanks to IPS’s suggestions. It is important to note that hundreds of people were involved in balancing EoMa in the last 10 years. There is still a lot to do, because the add-on still evolves, but even now it offers really entertaining matches.
Also, there are 10 new units (including 3 replacements). I hope you will like them, especially the new Black Orbs for Tharis faction.

Together with ForestDragon we expanded the number of zombies in EoMa. Some of you may not be aware of this, but Era of Magic has its own plague system. If a unit becomes a zombie it retains some characteristics of their former self. So for example if a mage transforms into a zombie, it may cast his spells, but they will be a lot weaker than usual. For 3.0 we wanted to recreate Walking Corpse to Souless progression known from default. It is partially complete – there are lvl1 zombies now, based on lvl2 units. Unfortunately not all are fully implemented yet but we are working on it.

Another big thing is the return of the Masters & Slaves gamemode, now actually more polished and more balanced. Long story short: it is a mode with lvl4 leaders and lvl2 and lvl3 units available for recruit (lvl1 or lvl0 for unit lines without a lvl3). It was present in pre 2.0 versions of the add-on and now it is back so you should definitely try it out as it allows for really cool fights of high level armies.

Also more than 50 unit descriptions have been revised and many new added. I’d like to thank ForestDragon for his help in that matter. Also, I’d like to thank Edwylm for Salamanders descriptions. Good job!

Oh and I have good news for translators! The raw translation file has been updated so you can continue translating the add-on. You don’t have to start from scratch. If you are using PoEdit, see translators_readme.txt for details. Both files are in EoMa’s main directory inside translations folder.

The complete changelog:

Code: Select all

Version 3.0
- Units:
	> Barbarians:
		* Ancient Cyclops: renamed to Cyclops Lord
		* Fire Cyclops: renamed to Cyclops Noble
		* Mighty Cyclops: renamed to Cyclops Brute
		* Raging Cyclops: cost to 60 (+5)
		* Goblin Druid: hitpoints to 38 (-3)
		* Goblin Sniper: cost to 45 (+3)
		* Goblin Rouser: renamed to Goblin Veteran
		* Goblin Sniper: cost to 26 (+1)
		* Orcish Warbanner: added a new ranged hatchet attack
	> Darkblood Alliance:
		* new unit: Red Salamander
		* Chosen of Marsh: cost to 75 (+25)
		* Jungle Guardian: changed blade and impact resistance to -5% instead of -10%
		* Black Salamander: hitpoints to 46 (+2)
		* Blue Salamander: changed melee weapon to trident, changed damage type to pierce, changed damage to 8-3 (instead of 6-3), added a second melee attack with backstab weapon special and 9-2 damage
		* Green Salamander: changed melee weapon to mace, change damage to 12-2, changed damage type to impact, added a second melee attack with backstab weapon special and 6-3 damage
		* Saurian Assassin: set fire and cold resistance to -10%
		* Saurian Crossbowman: set fire and cold resistance to -10%
		* Swamp Mage: cost to 56 (+6)
		* Toad: renamed to Toad Rider
		* Double Ranged Toad: renamed to Twin Archer Toad
		* Heavy Toad: renamed to Battle Toad
		* Ranged Toad: renamed to Toad Archer
		* Shamanistic Toad: renamed to Toad Shaman
		* Wyvern: hitpoints to 44 (+2)
		* Wyvern Rider: hitpoints to 47 (+1)
		* Wyvern Tamer: renamed to Wyvern Knight
	> Destroyers:
		* new units: Fallen Cyclops King, Dark Portal and Infernal Vortex
		* partially implemented lvl1 zombie variations
		* Atokpi: hammer attack damage to 9-2 (instead of 10-2)
		* Dark Atokpi: hitpoints to 73 (+5), experience to 200 (+100), cost to 82 (+37), arcane and fire resistance to 0%, changed nocturnal regeneration value to 4 (-1), katana and staff +1 to damage, spear and anti-magic -1 to damage
		* Atokpi General: hitpoints to 59 (+3), staff and spear -1 to damage
		* Atokpi Master: hitpoints to 73 (+5), experience to 200 (+100), staff and spear -1 to damage
		* Atokpi Samurai: hitpoints to 47 (+2), cost to 32g (-2), staff attack damage to 14-2 (instead of 16-2), spear attack damage to 7-2 (instead of 8-2)
		* Extinct Cyclops Mage: deep water movement cost to 3, swamp movement cost to 2, experience to 220 (+80), movement cost on hills: 2, mountains: 3; mountains defense to 50
		* Legendary Cyclops: deep water movement cost to 3, swamp movement cost to 2 movement cost on hills: 2, mountains: 3; mountains defense to 50
		* Cyclops Skeleton: deep water movement cost to 3, swamp movement cost to 2
		* Nightmare: arcane resistance set to 5%, cold resistance set to -15%
		* Obliterator: experience to 214 (-146)
		* Devourer: hit and run ability value to 1 (instead of 2)
		* Piranha Monstruosa: hit and run ability value to 1 (instead of 2)
		* Piranha Pirafly: hit and run ability value to 1 (instead of 2)
		* Titania: hit and run ability value to 1 (instead of 2)
		* Punisher: experience to 133 (-35)
	> Kharos:
		* Avenger: hitpoints to 57(+1), cost to 32 (+2), shield and ranged spear -1 to damage
		* Elemental Archer: forest defense to 30% instead of 60%
		* Heavy Cavalry Archer: forest defense to 30% instead of 60%
		* Mystical Archer: forest defense to 30% instead of 60%
		* Fanatic: cost to 37 (+1)
		* Fire Swordsman: cost to 35 (-1)
		* Golden Warrior: arcane resistance to 40% instead of 30%
		* Silver Warrior: arcane resistance to 40% instead of 30%
		* Master of Sun: renamed to Solar Master
		* Sun Guardian: renamed to Solar Guardian
	> Runemasters:
		* new units: Dwarvish Arctic Scout, Dwarvish Arctic Commando
		* Constructor: renamed area bomb attack to grenade, changed damage to 27-1 instead of 33-1, removed area effect weapon special, removed attack only weapon special
		* Technician: renamed area bomb attack to grenade, changed damage to 18-1 instead of 22-1, removed area effect weapon special, removed attack only weapon special
		* Drone: cost to 9 (-1), improved agility module (hit and run +2 instead of +1 and max hp +1)
		* Perfect Drone: cost to 63 (+38), legs attack damage to 7-6 (instead of 8-5)
		* Dwarvish Heavy Warrior: renamed to Dwarvish Veteran
		* Dwarvish Rune Warrior: renamed to Dwarvish Runic Warrior
		* Striding Machine: cost to 21 (-1)
	> Sky Kingdom:
		* Black Mage: reduced entrapment spell damage to 3-4 instead of 4-4
		* Golden Mage: impact resistance set to 15% instead of 20%, changed missile attack damage to 12-3 instead of 9-4
		* Mage of Water: cost to 35 (+3)
		* Master Mage: cost to 62 (-2)
		* Mu: removed melee impact attack, renamed ranged mu attack to magic barrage, added another ranged attack with magical special, anti-shield and 7-1 damage
		* Sculptor: reduced melee damage to 8-2 instead of 9-2
		* Shadow Mage: cost to 54 (+4)
		* Sorcerer: cost to 41 (-1)
		* Subversive Mage: reduced melee damage to 7-1 instead of 8-1
		* Um: hitpoints to 100 (+2), cost to 65 (+15), changed regeneration ability value to 6 (instead of 8), removed pierce melee attack, reduced impact melee attack damage to 14-2 instead of 15-2, renamed um attack to magic barrage, changed damage to 3-12 instead of 3-15, added um blast precision attack with 18-1 damage
		* Void Mage: changed missile attack damage to 10-4 instead of 14-3, changed entrapment spell damage to 4-5 instead of 5-5, added ranged immobilization attack with 13-1 damage
		* War Mage: changed impact resistance to 15% instead of 20%, changed sword attack damage to 8-3 instead of 7-3, changed missile attack damage to 12-2 instead of 9-3
	> Summoners:
		* Air Avatar: replaced regenerates+6 with standard regeneration ability (8), changed pierce resistance to 60% instead of 65%, changed melee attack damage to 8-2 instead of 10-2
		* Air Elemental: changed melee attack damage to 9-1 instead of 11-1
		* Air God: changed pierce resistance to 55% instead of 75%, changed melee attack damage to 9-3 instead of 11-3
		* Camel Master: cost to 55 (+3)
		* Heavy Camel Rider: renamed to Elite Camel Rider
		* Carper Master: cost to 33 (-2)
		* Dharma Rhami: cost to 58 (+1)
		* Dimensional Gate II: cost to 21 (+3)
		* Earth Avatar: changed blade and pierce resistances to 45% instead of 50%, changed fire resistance to 25% instead of 30%
		* Earth God: changed blade and pierce resistances to 55% instead of 60%, changed fire resistance to 30% instead of 40%, changed cleave value to 40% instead of 50%
		* Great Efreeti: replaced area effect weapon special with its variant that deals damage to random targets, similarly to the all around special
		* Fire Avatar: changed cold resistance to -25% instead of -30%
		* Jinn: changed magical dagger damage type to blade instead of arcane
		* Great Jinn: changed magical dagger damage type to blade instead of arcane, changed damage to 11-1 instead of 12-1
		* Wonderful Jinn: changed magical dagger damage type to blade instead of arcane, changed damage to 15-1 instead of 16-1
		* Mystical Jinn: changed magical dagger damage type to blade instead of arcane, changed damage to 19-1 instead of 21-1
		* Rhami Datu: cost to 34 (+2)
		* Water Avatar: experience to 91 (-9)
		* Water God: cost to 55 (+3)
	> Tharis:
		* new units: Black Orb, Dark Observer, Storm Sphere, Shadowblade
		* Cold Matriarch: renamed to Matriarch of Frost
		* Dark Commander: cost to 36 (+1)
		* Dark General: cost to 58 (+2)
		* Great Witch: cost to 38 (-2)
		* Chaos Hydra: cost to 57 (+3)
		* Raging Hydra: cost to 38 (+2)
		* Master of War: renamed to Dark Warlord, replaced area effect weapon special with its variant that deals damage to random targets, similarly to the all around special
		* Matriarch of Darkness: changed blood gate attack damage to 16-1 instead of 18-1
		* Matriarch of Emptiness: replaced precision weapon special with magical weapon special

- Graphics
	* added 24fps animations for several units from Summoners faction
	* added 24fps attack animations for selected units
	* replaced old recruit animations for magical units with new ones, as well as adding them to the higher-level magical units
	* new standing animations for Banisher, Summons Master and all lvl3 Summoners
	* replaced Dimensional Gate's old look with an improved one featuring 24fps animations
	* added recruit animations for Destroyers
	* added recruit animation for Magical Eye and its advancements
	* added recruit animation for Golem and its advancements
	* completely redesigned Dimensional Vortex animation
	* added Team Colors to almost all units
	* added idle and defense animations for all Toads
	* added recruit animation for Toads
	* improved Destroyers death animations
	* improved Kharos lightstorm attack animation
	* improved Chosen of Marsh's flame attack animation
	* improved Swamp Mage's flame attack animation
	* added miss animation for dark missile
	* improved Mystic Jinn's move and death animations
	* improved Massive Kharos Warbanner melee animation
	* improved Solar Master teleport animation
	* improved Constructor's grenade animation
	* improved melee animations for Dwarvish Warriors
	* added earthquake effect to Flying Fortress cannon
	* improved various animations for Runemaster with active rune aura
	* fixed bug with Dark Warrior's kill animation
	* improved some of Master of Darkness animations
	* improved Guru animations
	* added idle animation for Void Mage
	* added a head and tail attack icons for Bonebeasts
	* added a staff attack icon for Atokpis
	* added a head attack icon for Cyclops Skeletons
	* added a head attack icon for Hydras
	* improved various attack icons
	* removed unused images
- Abilities
	* added Damage Area ability which deals damage to all enemy units adjacent to the owner of this ability
	* added Heal Undead ability for Destroyers
	* added Summon Undead ability for Cyclops Fallen King allowing him to randomly summon a zombie at the beginning of its turn for free
	* added Random Area Effect weapon special which in fact is a variant of Area Effect special dealing damage to randomly chosen units
	* added Immobilize weapon special allowing to paralyse enemy unit for 1 turn
	* modified the Revenge weapon special chance to hit (100%->80%)
	* added the Lesser Revenge weapon special with a change of hit set to 60%
	* Furious death of Cyclops Goliath deals 21 damage instead of 40
	* Furious death of Cyclops Goliath deals 15 damage instead of 25
	* weakened Runemaster's runeaura shield to 50%, but gave him an electric defend-only melee attack
	* advancing a Drone costs 4g instead of 5g

- Factions
	* added Masters & Slaves game mode with lvl4 leaders and lvl2 and lvl3 units available for recruit (lvl1 or lvl0 for unit lines without a lvl3)
	* added faction descriptions

- Scenarios
	* rebalanced Zombies Challenge scenario
	* added a variant of Zombies Challenge scenario with predefined default settings
	* added lvl1 zombies to the waves system (partially)

- Descriptions
	* added racial descriptions for Tharis, Cyclopes, Rocs, magical units, Salamanders and Summoners
	* added Cyclops Noble description
	* added Goblin Kamikaze description
	* added Goblin Warbanner description
	* added Barbarian King description
	* added Salamander description
	* added Black Salamander description
	* added Blue Salamander description
	* added Green Salamander description
	* added Yellow Salamander description
	* added Nightmare description
	* added Sky Guardian description
	* improved Goblin Shaman description
	* improved Saurian Crossbowman description
	* improved Brown Warrior description
	* improved Kharos Warbanner description
	* improved Shielder description
	* improved Silver Warrior description
	* improved White Warrior description
	* improved Drone description
	* improved Battle Mage description
	* improved Black Mage description
	* improved Elementalist description
	* improved Battle Eye description
	* improved Cosmic Eye description
	* improved Magical Eye description
	* improved Guru description
	* improved Hidden Face description
	* improved Mage of Air description
	* improved Mage of Fire description
	* improved Mage of Water description
	* improved Master of Air description
	* improved Master of Elements description
	* improved Master Mage description
	* improved Mu description
	* improved Mystic Warrior description
	* improved Sculptor description
	* improved Shadow Mage description
	* improved Sorcerer description
	* improved Subversive Mage description
	* improved Void Mage description
	* improved War Mage description
	* improved Elite Camel Rider description
	* improved Fire God description
	* improved Bladedancer description
	* improved Matriarch of Frost description
	* improved Disciple description
	* improved Dark Hunter description
	* improved Great Witch description
	* improved Hydra description
	* improved Chaos Hydra description
	* improved Matriarch of Darkness description
	* improved Matriarch of Emptiness description
	* improved Sword Dancer description
	* improved Witch description
	* removed Steamcopter description
	* corrected numerous typos

- Code
	* separated images and sounds from the core add-on
	* redesigned factions code structure to allow easier modifications
	* fixed wrong attack icon reference for Balloon and Steamcopter
	* improved the summon ability code
	* improved plague code
	* fixed Cavalry Archer and Elemental Archer strings being not translatable
	* added hit, death and tongue sound for Toads
	* added missing hit sound for Salamanders

- Translations
	* new translation: Chinese
	* updated the Polish translation
	* updated the raw translation file
	* updated translators_readme.txt
- Misc
	* updated Credits.txt
	* updated ART_LICENSE
Some things could not be completed in time due to real-life issues and the deadline, so they're postponed for 3.0.1 or 3.1.0. These things include: full implementation of lvl1 zombies, new units, new and better portraits, improved graphics, new descriptions. Speaking of descriptions, everyone can participate in writing them. I highly encourage you to do so.

Note for those who want to play the To Lands Unknown campaign along with the EoMa 3.0:
The latest version of the Era has not been tested with TLU 2.2.0a so I cannot guarantee it will work. But we are working on a very large update for the campaign, so stay tuned!

In the last 2 years Era of Magic has been greatly improved in almost every aspect. This would be impossible without my cooperation with ForestDragon. His conscientiousness, diligence, brilliant ideas and commitment to the project still impresses me. That’s why I appoint him a co-creator of the Era of Magic. He has done a lot of great things to the add-on and surely deserves this title. Thank you once again!
Being the co-creator ForestDragon will be maintaining EoMa while I am away. Also, during my prolonged absence (a few months or so) he will be authorized to continue developing the era and upload future versions to the server.

For the last decade many people have been involved in this amazing project. Without their support I would not be able to make this add-on as good as it is now. All your kind words, constructive criticism, opinions, ideas and hopes – it is you, the people, my greatest motivation, the motivation to create something colorful, something different and fun, which you can enjoy in the same way as I do. I would like to thank all developers of The Battle for Wesnoth - thank you for creating this incredible masterpiece, in my opinion the best open-source strategy game. Thank you Dave and all contributors. It was a great decade of my life. I am not sure if we meet in the next 10 years, but I am sure we will all be remembered!
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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 3.0

Post by IPS » February 23rd, 2018, 8:45 pm

I'm glad to be part of this and it's a magnificent project. I do still remember when Hidden Faces were named Slashers and they had a brutal cost efficiency because of being a very cheap 4-5 blade swift foot melee unit. And when the lv2 had as name "Master" or something like that which I don't remember at all and having leadership on lv2 and 4-6 impact melee.

As developer of Ageless era I can comment that the version of Era of Magic in ageless era is an outdated version of era of magic (2.5 or something like that) and that Ageless has some adjustments in certain stats to prevent people spam/cheese certain abusable stats, skills or stuff like switching the very powerful 1 strike attack into half damage but 2 strikes (in case of Lv2 or higher Jinn's mele o, will be 2 mele strikes instead of 1 mele strike because this way it scales more fairly with strikes upgrades OR the too many strikes with too few damage by increasing slightly the damage per strike but decreasing strikes, leaving raw damage almost intact) or even some adjustments in resistances to prevent the immortal unit that carries the game.

So it will be never the same trying Era Magic on its own era than in ageless. Apart that ageless takes a while to update because there are too many unit files, authors that are still working in their units/factions and in some cases we have to deviate a bit of author's original intention in some units/factions to maintain a minimum of balance between factions/units and preventing some being underpowered or overpowered in a blatant way.

For now, I will check the new suggested changes to see if there is something that can still be improved in the balance part.

Btw, could be interesting if you could re-use some old concept of units that were reworked - renamed in older versions of era of magic as non-recruitable units such as campaign units or units that can be used in scenarios but that they cannot be recruited in normal ways or in pvp. For example the re-apparition of slashers as a diferent unit than hidden faces or the red dimensional gates that when they kill an enemy unit they level up into a weaker version of the slain unit but 1 less level stats (maybe -1.5 level in stats but -1 level in practical way) and those gates being Lv1 but with the stats of the Lv0 dimensional gate.
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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 3.0

Post by Crow_T » February 25th, 2018, 2:53 am

Happy 10 year anniversary EoMa! :D Those are some pretty animations, great job- I've always thought that Wesnoth is as much a story telling tool and creative outlet as it is a game, its great to be able to experience the fruits of other people's imagination. Thanks for the hard work you've put into this project!

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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 3.0

Post by Caladbolg » February 26th, 2018, 6:57 pm

Wow, it's been a while and the new EoMa is looking amazing! The art really stands out from the rest of the UMC. Thank you for all the hard work you've done, EoMa is a very ambitious project and it's commendable that you had the drive to pull it off, the effort really shows. Cheers! :D

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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 3.0

Post by galegosimpatico » March 9th, 2018, 7:22 pm

Haven't played the latest yet - sooner or later I'll surely do, but congrats on the 10th anniversary!

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