Era of Second Chances Feedback Thread

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Era of Second Chances Feedback Thread

Postby fmac81 » October 19th, 2017, 7:18 pm

Hi all,
I recently did a huge update to the Era of Second Chances, which I originally published a long time ago, but this is the posthumous feedback thread for it :D. EoSC is available for both 1.12 and 1.13 add-on servers!
Note: I have an in-depth contributor list included in the add-on files, so I'll spare you the heavy details, but here is the latest changelog:

EoSC was actually uploaded to 1.12 almost 3 years ago, but I had misplaced my initial server pbl file until an admin helped me out. If you previously downloaded it (way back when), check for updates, as this one fixes a TON of errors, and really cleans up a lot of loose ends with unit coding and faction layouts. This era is essentially a second chance for some of my UMC units to be utilized by other Wesnoth players. The majority of units were going to be included in campaigns that were never finished. It remains slightly unbalanced, with 5 factions: Ogres, Outlaws, Humans, Undead and Orcs

Faction Overviews

Special note: IF you are playing on 1.12, you will notice some of the Ogre traits, "benevolent" and "cruel" indicate they have damage alignments. This feature is available under [effect] only in the 1.13 branch, so it is just a damage increase per level placeholder on 1.12.




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