Where are Forum Games gone?

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Re: Where are Forum Games gone?

Post by Chewan »

To clarify, as to me (and I assume as well as to the other six people who cared to pronounce their opinion),
this was not a question to accomplish something, but about the possible cause for the sudden disappearing
of the Forum Games. Not because they were badly needed, bad simply appreciated.

So, thank you very much for doing us this favor !!!
(THAT is something to be proud of. :D )

Good reasons are accepted by everyone (incl. the silent majority that why ever did not care about this matter),
having to delete other forums in order to keep the Forum Games seems to me a very good one,
but lack of space has never been mentioned...

A more vocal majority that would make the community feel more alive is the wish of all those who care about BfW.

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